Moroccan Thistle Honey - 250g
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Moroccan Thistle Honey - 250g

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Thistle honey, also known as Miel de Chouk, offers us a magnificent concentrate of benefits, straight from one of Morocco's most beautiful regions. It is renowned for its many excellent properties. Here's a closer look at a honey renowned as much for its quality as for its rarity.

The origins of Thistle

First of all, it's important to know that thistle refers to a wide range of thorny plants with flowers that are highly melliferous. In other words, their nectar is collected by bees to make honey. Although thorny plants may not sound like the stuff of dreams, they are attractive for the beauty and charm of their multi-colored flowers.

Thistle flowers are extremely common, especially around the Mediterranean and on some Atlantic coasts. They thrive particularly well in dry, sunny locations.

That's why it's found in Morocco, in particular. Thistle honey from Morocco, for example, often comes from the province of Essaouira. A port town in the Safi-Marrakech region. A magnificent region with splendid landscapes that produce a rare and sublime honey .

The beauty of Moroccan thistle honey

Honey connoisseurs will agree. This precious amber honey is a nectar of the highest quality. It has a strong but pleasant aroma and a subtly perfumed taste.

Its aroma is fruity, with hints of aniseed and licorice . That said, thistle honey has a delicately just-right flavor. Between finesse and tenderness. Its texture is on the palate, as unctuously surprising as it is fine and seductive .

A pure moment of gustatory quality, combined with numerous curative virtues.

The benefits of Moroccan thistle honey

In addition to its powerful quality, rare Moroccan thistle honey is also renowned for its many benefits. Indeed, this precious nectar is recommended in particular for :

  • Fighting anemia and preventing nutritional deficiencies.
  • Protect the liver and prevent bacterial growth.
  • Treat gall bladder problems
  • Improve digestive comfort
  • Help combat sexual impotence
  • Combat fatigue and stress
  • Prevent diabetes and certain cancers
  • Stimulate lactation

It's clear, then, that Moroccan thistle honey encompasses a wide range of benefits. This is further proof of its immense quality and highly prized character. It's up to you to give it a try! Take a look around our store to buy it, and why not accompany it with its distant cousin, Naryn white honey?

How to eat Moroccan thistle honey?

Enjoy it to your heart's content! It goes perfectly with your toast in the morning, or to sweeten your hot drink at any time of day. As a cure, it's best consumed on an empty stomach.

A spoonful every morning and you'll soon notice the benefits. And if you're taking it specifically for liver or digestive problems, you can take a tablespoon mixed with lukewarm water two hours before a meal. Ideally, morning and evening.

Storage tips

Let's close with a few conservation tips. To preserve all the qualities of this highly prized honey, we recommend storing it in a dry, well-ventilated place, away from light. Should it crystallize, remember that this in no way detracts from its many benefits, and is merely a token of its quality .

Heating it in a double boiler is one way of liquefying it, but be careful not to exceed 40°, to preserve all its properties.

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