Enjoying a moment in the company of a cup of tea is a habit shared around the world by many lovers of this precious beverage with its distinctive taste and flavor. Whether in cold weather, enjoying the sight of rain falling through your window, or in a scorching desert, everyone knows how to enjoy this beverage, which has been consumed since time immemorial. Saouda Tea'ne white tea with black cumin invites you to discover the flavours of white tea with black cumin, so that you can vary your daily pleasures and those of your loved ones.

Enjoying a moment in the company of...
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Zanjabil green tea with black cumin is a new expression of personal creativity from the Saouda brand. In the comprehensive oriental pharmacopoeia, the tea brand specializing in black cumin infusions provides new impulses for tea lovers. Playing with tastes and flavors, this black cumin green tea is sure to disorientate some from Moroccan mint tea between two rounds. Playing on the originality of a noble and authentic product, this version of traditional green tea gives a taste of travel thanks to its citrus and Indian spice aftertaste.

Zanjabil green tea with black cumin...
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Product features:

Net weight: 28 g.

Composition : Black tea, black cumin seeds (38%), organic honey, flavoring. This black cumin tea is sugar- and preservative-free.

Packaging 20 freshness sachets of 1.4 grams each, in a cardboard box. Energy values for a 2 gram sachet Energy intake of less than 4 kcals per 100 ml of infused tea. Brewing instructions Place bag in cup.

Add hot water. Leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes. Sweeten to taste and enjoy this blend of virtues and pleasures.

Product features : Net weight: 28...
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