Considered one of the best honeys in the world, of exceptional quality, with a PH of 7.4, we are proud to present sidr malaki honey, a rare and sought-after honey. We are in direct contact with the beekeeper, to avoid any risk of denaturing this precious honey, a true success and an exceptional gift

(Harvest 2022).

Considered one of the best honeys in...
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Honey from soumour, or Acacia-gum tree, is a noble honey from Yemen, rich in iron and useful for the intestinal flora.

It has a strong scent, a distinctive taste and a dark color, making it a honey with character.

It's a good stimulant for the body, and for people suffering from anemia, it's rich in iron, which will help them on a daily basis.

Honey from soumour, or Acacia-gum...
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Yemeni spurge honey, otherwise known as Yemeni Sal honey, is a rare and precious product with a delicate, subtle taste.

It is the only honey to act on allergic asthma, and is a source of numerous benefits.

It's worth noting that it has an unusual taste, but this original flavour is also a gourmet's delight, for all and sundry.

Yemeni spurge honey, otherwise known...
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One of Algeria's finest honeys, jujube honey compares favorably with its distant cousin from Yemen, the famous

sidr malaky.

It is a favorite with customers, appreciated by gourmets, and has established itself as a flagship product of the Algerian terroir.

You can use it for your tasting, or treat yourself with it, it will be perfect for accelerating healing, as well as for skin and liver problems.

One of Algeria's finest honeys,...
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Peshawar sidr honey, from Pakistani beehives, is renowned for its delicate aroma and mouth-watering flavor. Whether for therapeutic or gastronomic purposes, it's a honey to be urgently recommended!

Add to this the fact that the fruit of the jujube tree is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins A and C, and that sidr honey is ideal for combating cold-related illnesses, and you have an excellent honey, both good and healthy.

Peshawar sidr honey, from Pakistani...
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White honey from Naryn, the true name for white honey from Kyrgyzstan, is a sweet, sought-after honey, its atypical color and flavor much appreciated by connoisseurs.

Straight from the Jailloo valley, Naryn white honey is a natural anti-aging remedy, highly effective in cleansing the intestinal flora, reducing fatigue and boosting the immune system.

Its white color sets it apart from traditional dark honeys, making it an original and delicious gift and delicacy of choice for your loved ones.

White honey from Naryn, the true...
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With its unrivalled healing and antiseptic properties, Moroccan thyme honey is an excellent honey, both for its curative properties and its exceptional taste,

or its exceptional taste.

It's sure to leave an indelible impression on you, and is a truly exceptional product.

With its unrivalled healing and...
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Atypical honey, because it comes from an unexpected plant, the cactus, daghmous honey is an exceptional honey, first and foremost as an alicament, as it is one of the rare honeys to act on asthma.

Secondly, because in addition to taking care of your health, you also need to treat yourself, daghmous honey is a singular honey, which will amaze you, and bring beneficial effects to your organism, a unique and good honey to have at home.

(Harvest September 2022)

Atypical honey, because it comes...
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A winter honey par excellence, eucalyptus honey, with its antibacterial properties and respiratory system benefits, will help you cope with the torments of winter.

What's more, it's delicious and ideal for spreading on toast, and can be enjoyed by children as well as pregnant or breast-feeding women - what more could you ask for!

A winter honey par excellence,...
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Golden in color and releasing a sweet fragrance when the jar is opened, orange tree honey is a delight for young and old alike.

Containing minerals and vitamins, as well as calcium, zinc and magnesium, orange blossom honey achieves the feat of being an excellent honey, tasty and appreciated, and at the same time a product that's easy to digest

tasty and appreciated honey, and at the same time a product that calms and soothes migraines, anxiety and stress

an excellent natural nervous sedative.

Finally, it's ideal for sweet preparations, desserts and flavoring plain yoghurts. Discover it now!

Golden in color and releasing a...
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Appreciated for thousands of years, moringa honey is one of the must-haves to have at home, whether as a food or as an alicament, knowing that one doesn't preclude the other, while tasting it, you benefit from its properties.

Native to Mali, it's one of the best honeys around, with more iron than some vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, a profusion of amino acids and over 40 anti-oxidants, and it's tasty: a honey to discover as a matter of urgency.

Appreciated for thousands of years,...
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Lovers of exotic, out-of-the-ordinary honeys, banana honey will delight the most demanding palates.

Native to Mali, banana honey is not only a concentrate of vitamins, it also helps to fight anemia, reduce high blood pressure and, above all, give you an exotic honey with a delicious taste, because the aim is to treat yourself to a quality honey!

Lovers of exotic,...
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A speciality of the Eastern Pyrenees, its lack of notoriety at national level is heartbreaking, given its quality and rarity.

Clear, subtle and delicate, it is much sought-after by beekeepers and mountain honey lovers alike.

It can also be called an "alicament", as it has numerous benefits, and is much appreciated in apitherapy. A must-have in the kitchen, it's a sweet treat at any time of day!

A speciality of the Eastern...
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Habba saouda needs no introduction: it's a "panacea" that cures everything but death.

Native to Egypt, this creamy honey will delight your taste buds, and its specific qualities will be of great help in the event of temporary health problems, insomnia, digestive problems or respiratory problems. Nigella honey will help you overcome these delicate moments.

Habba saouda needs no introduction:...
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The combination of euphorbia honey, renowned for its benefits, and palm pollen, natural remedies, will enable you to make a complete cure, and will be a cause to make fertility problems disappear.

Directions for use: Mix 20g to 30g of palm pollen with the 250g jar of euphorbia.

The combination of euphorbia honey,...
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Its nectar is used to produce a high-quality, aromatic honey, much appreciated by consumers. It's a sweetness emblematic of Provence, but it's also the pride of the whole of France.

For lavender honey is certainly a targeted product of the hive. If Provence immediately brings to mind olive oil mills, tomatoes or Marseille soap, this regional hotbed of predilection is much broader than people think.

Its nectar is used to produce a...
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Honey is an extraordinary product of the beehive. Both delicious and healthy, it comes in many varieties. Each more tempting than the last. At Miel Imperial, we've made health and well-being our priority. And among the wide choice we offer, Moroccan honeys are a must! True gems of beekeeping, their diversity and properties make these honeys highly reputed. Among them, the famous Moroccan jujube honey. Also known as Moroccan sidr honey. A treasure trove of honey to tantalize the taste buds, while boosting our immunity.

Honey is an extraordinary product...
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Honey is a product of the hive that we can consume on a daily basis. And if you're a big fan of this sweet nectar, you know all about honey! Acacia, eucalyptus, orange... real classics! But also more original honeys like daghmous honey or moringa honey! Then let us surprise you with a honey that's both original and rather rare: Punjabi sidr honey. Doesn't it ring a bell? Well, we'll tell you about it right away!

Honey is a product of the hive that...
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Product features : Preparation based on thyme and black cumin honey. Composition : Spanish thyme honey (97%), organic black cumin seeds (3%)

Directions for use : Mix before use to get the most out of this preparation. Store in its packaging, away from heat and humidity.

Packaging : Glass jar Capacity 250 g Made in France Our honeys and all our products are made in France.

Average nutritional information per 100 g: Energy 1372 kJ /323 kcal Fat < 0.5 g of which saturated fatty acids < 0.1 g Carbohydrates 79 g of which sugars 77 g Protein 1.2 g Salt < 0.01 g

Best before date: 24 months The best before date and batch number are visible on the lid

Product features : Preparation based...
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