A speciality of the Eastern Pyrenees, its lack of notoriety at national level is heartbreaking, given its quality and rarity.

Clear, subtle and delicate, it is much sought-after by beekeepers and mountain honey lovers alike.

It can also be called an "alicament", as it has numerous benefits, and is much appreciated in apitherapy. A must-have in the kitchen, it's a sweet treat at any time of day!

A speciality of the Eastern...
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Its nectar is used to produce a high-quality, aromatic honey, much appreciated by consumers. It's a sweetness emblematic of Provence, but it's also the pride of the whole of France.

For lavender honey is certainly a targeted product of the hive. If Provence immediately brings to mind olive oil mills, tomatoes or Marseille soap, this regional hotbed of predilection is much broader than people think.

Its nectar is used to produce a...
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