The combination of euphorbia honey, renowned for its benefits, and palm pollen, natural remedies, will enable you to make a complete cure, and will be a cause to make fertility problems disappear.

Directions for use: Mix 20g to 30g of palm pollen with the 250g jar of euphorbia.

The combination of euphorbia honey,...
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Miel impérial offers you a Roqya pack that will enable you to heal yourself by means ofexorcism legislated with the help of Allah. It consists of Haba sawda (black cumin) honey,black cumin oil,zamzam water and dried jujube leaves. All essential elements of prophetic medicine.

Miel impérial offers you a Roqya...
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Atypical honey, because it comes from an unexpected plant, the cactus, daghmous honey is an exceptional honey, first and foremost as an alicament, as it is one of the rare honeys to act on asthma. Secondly, because in addition to taking care of your health, you also need to treat yourself, daghmous honey is a singular honey, which will amaze you, and bring beneficial effects to your organism, a unique and good honey to have at home.

Atypical honey, because it comes...
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