Considered one of the best honeys in the world, of exceptional quality, with a PH of 7.4, we are proud to present sidr malaki honey, a rare and sought-after honey. We are in direct contact with the beekeeper, to avoid any risk of denaturing this precious honey, a true success and an exceptional gift

(Harvest 2022).

Considered one of the best honeys in...
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Honey from soumour, or Acacia-gum tree, is a noble honey from Yemen, rich in iron and useful for the intestinal flora.

It has a strong scent, a distinctive taste and a dark color, making it a honey with character.

It's a good stimulant for the body, and for people suffering from anemia, it's rich in iron, which will help them on a daily basis.

Honey from soumour, or Acacia-gum...
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Yemeni spurge honey, otherwise known as Yemeni Sal honey, is a rare and precious product with a delicate, subtle taste.

It is the only honey to act on allergic asthma, and is a source of numerous benefits.

It's worth noting that it has an unusual taste, but this original flavour is also a gourmet's delight, for all and sundry.

Yemeni spurge honey, otherwise known...
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The combination of euphorbia honey, renowned for its benefits, and palm pollen, natural remedies, will enable you to make a complete cure, and will be a cause to make fertility problems disappear.

Directions for use: Mix 20g to 30g of palm pollen with the 250g jar of euphorbia.

The combination of euphorbia honey,...
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