Fertility Pack
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Fertility Pack

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The combination of euphorbia honey, renowned for its benefits, and palm pollen, natural remedies, will enable you to make a complete cure, and will be a cause to make fertility problems disappear.

Directions for use: Mix 20g to 30g of palm pollen with the 250g jar of euphorbia.

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You may be affected by this ordeal yourself, or you may personally know couples who are having difficulty fulfilling their desire to have children.

Of course, this is an intimate and private matter, but infertility problems may be more common than you think.

Studies show that almost 1 in 6 couples is affected by infertility, so it's very likely that you personally know someone who is.

As you'll have noticed from reading our publications, we're all about naturalness, and chemical products, phytosanitary products and other gimmicks dreamed up by companies with little concern for the health of their contemporaries, have no place in our cupboards.

These are products which, in the case of infertility, at best do virtually nothing, at worst cause serious damage.

Palm pollen, which is recommended for infertility, combined with euphorbia honey, is the best way to ensure you have offspring you'll be happy with.

Start at the beginning

It may be pushing open doors to say this, but the major cause of infertility is the pollution that surrounds us, the harmful products we use that pollute our homes (detergents, household products), but above all, the most dangerous is what we ingest on a daily basis!

So the first thing to do is to radically change the way you eat, as this will help your body in its reproductive work.

You'll need to give priority to foods rich in the nutrients you need for your hormonal system to function properly. This will do you a world of good, and give your future child the best possible start in life, because during pregnancy, what you eat, the child eats too, so you might as well give him the best!

To back up our words, we'd like to quote this study by researchers at Harvard, a university of excellence if ever there was one, carried out on over 17,000 married women, who experienced an 80% reduction in fertility problems when they agreed to change their diet.

Focusing on known and recognized causes

We're now going to talk about two products that are natural, have no side effects, and contain no ingredients whose effects on health are poorly known, or worse, deleterious.

These are two noble products, which are only causes, and we are confident that they will be the cause of many happy events, within families freed from a great burden.

First of all, known and used since ancient times, date palm pollen has many health benefits and is mainly used to treat infertility problems.

It is recommended in prophetic medicine, particularly to promote fertility. To benefit from all its advantages, you can consume it on its own, but combining it with Yemeni euphorbia honey, which is known to combat infertility and sexual impotence, is excellent.

Palm pollen has beneficial properties, cleansing the uterus during and after menstruation, regulating the cycle, increasing gonadal production and increasing the thickness of the endometrium.

All these virtues boost fertility in both men and women, and its high fat content combined with the presence of estrone explains its toning and stimulating effects.

As for Yemeni spurge honey, it has an "original" taste, but its specific properties, beneficial in the context of an infertility cure, will make you forget its unusual taste!

According to some scientific studies, a large proportion of infertility problems are not irreversible, and palm pollen is a popular solution among experts.

A member of the phytoestrogen family, it contains large quantities of the hormone estrone, which is said to be capable of resolving both male and female infertility problems.

What's more, like Yemeni euphorbia honey, it boosts the immune system, improves libido and cures male impotence.

Yemeni euphorbia honey, also known as Sal honey, is renowned for its medicinal virtues, especially for resolving fertility-related concerns, and revitalizing the male and female genital systems.

Directions for use

It's worth remembering that during this cure, a healthy lifestyle is highly recommended, with a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

For an infertility cure, pollen should ideally be taken on an empty stomach every morning, but also in the evening, ideally one hour after a meal, for 1 month, with a teaspoon of honey mixed with the pollen.

Pollen is highly volatile, so take care when handling it.

The fertility pack is an excellent thing, but as I said before, it's only a cause, and the aim is of course to optimize your chances of becoming parents, which is where royal jelly comes in!

It contains vitamins A, C, E, all the B vitamins and vitamin B9, and a high concentration of vitamin E, which is excellent for fertility and essential for conception and pregnancy.

The separate products should be consumed as follows:

  • Royal jelly should be stored in the refrigerator, jar closed after each use,
  • Honey and palm pollen can be consumed at room temperature, but should never be stored in the fridge.

Once your mixture has been made, store your final product at room temperature, between 10 and 40 degrees maximum.

Avoid damp rooms and direct sunlight, as these will have a lasting impact on the quality of the final product.

Important note:

Pregnant women and children under two years of age should not consume these products.

Precautions for use

Although our palm pollen is totally natural, it may be allergenic for some people. This is not due to the quality of the product, but rather to the natural reaction of certain allergy sufferers.

Asthmatics, or anyone allergic to pollen in general, are advised not to consume palm pollen.

The same applies to people suffering from rhinitis or conjunctivitis.

It is therefore very important to check your compatibility with pollen before consuming it, and not to consume it if you have excess estrogen or suffer from a uterine cyst.

Finally, women who are menstruating should stop taking palm pollen.

In case of concern or uncertainty, always seek medical advice.

As far as honey is concerned, keep it out of the sun and away from sources of heat. A dry, well-insulated place is ideal.

Your honey may crystallize, in which case a few minutes in a bain-marie will restore its natural liquid texture, without altering any of its intrinsic qualities.

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