Organic Chestnut Honey 250g - Ma Ruche Bio
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Organic Chestnut Honey 250g - Ma Ruche Bio

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Organic Chestnut Honey is particularly appreciated for its taste. It has a strong, woody flavor. Like all beehive products, it will be an essential ally in your well-being. After all, it's not just good for your health, it's also great for your taste buds.

Organic Chestnut honey: facts and figures

Chestnut honey comes from the flowers of the Chestnut tree. You probably know this tree for its chestnuts, which we like to pick in winter. But while you can eat chestnuts every year, it will take more than 20 years for the first flowers to bloom.

Also, the nectar produced has a particularly pronounced taste. That's why it's used in mouth-watering recipes. But its medicinal benefits are also numerous.

Like Shea Butter, it's also an ally for beautiful skin. But it's also a friend to diabetics, who can eat it without worry. Finally, your digestive system will need it to soothe its aches and pains. And your heart will appreciate it for its effect on blood circulation.

Organic Chestnut Honey: a sweet treat for diabetics

Its glycemic index, i.e. its sugar content, is low. As a result, you can enjoy it even if you are diabetic. But only in moderation: one spoonful a day. What's more, it will influence blood circulation speed.

As a result, you won't worsen your diabetes and you'll keep your heart rate up. We also recommend a course ofNigella oil to help stabilize your diabetes. This applies to types 1 and 2.

Beautiful skin with natural masks

This nectar is high in antioxidants. These have an impact on cells, slowing down their ageing process. So, by ingesting it on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening, it will benefit your body. But, ideally, do a mask once a week for a radiant skin.

What's more, its healing effects will help acne-prone skin. Pimple marks will fade with each treatment. For a more intense effect, add cinnamon to your mask. Cinnamon helps to tighten pores and combat the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

Face mask recipe:
Mix 1.5 tablespoons honey with 1.5 teaspoons cinnamon. Apply to the face for half an hour and rinse off. Repeat several weeks in a row to see results.

Organic Chestnut Honey: an analgesic for digestive problems

Chestnut honey is an excellent way to soothe stomach pains, particularly heartburn. It fights germs and soothes inflammation. In fact, like Moroccan Jujube honey, it's excellent for treating ulcers.

What's more, your liver will love it too, as it will help it to function properly. In short, it's a delicious medicine that will take your taste buds on a journey.

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