Moroccan Orange honey
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Moroccan Orange honey

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Golden in color and releasing a sweet fragrance when the jar is opened, orange tree honey is a delight for young and old alike.

Containing minerals and vitamins, as well as calcium, zinc and magnesium, orange blossom honey achieves the feat of being an excellent honey, tasty and appreciated, and at the same time a product that's easy to digest

tasty and appreciated honey, and at the same time a product that calms and soothes migraines, anxiety and stress

an excellent natural nervous sedative.

Finally, it's ideal for sweet preparations, desserts and flavoring plain yoghurts. Discover it now!

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Orange tree honey from Morocco, although derived from a citrus fruit, doesn't retain its acidity.

On the contrary, let yourself be carried away by the scents of this honey straight from Morocco, its fruity taste pleasing to young and old alike.

Highly prized in Morocco, regularly consumed for breakfast or a break over tea, it's a ray of sunshine that adds happiness to your daily routine.

Geographical and natural origin of Moroccan orange honey

Located in the province of Souss, a town renowned the world over for its citrus groves, including clementines and oranges, this honey comes from Taroudant in south-west Morocco.

The region's highly-developed agricultural and artisanal know-how makes this honey both precious and tasty.

The orange tree has many health benefits, and is regularly used in many areas, including cooking and the manufacture of oils and natural products.

Orange tree honeys often come from warm regions, found along the Mediterranean rim, notably in Spain and Morocco, which is a benchmark in citrus cultivation, its honeys having nothing to envy of honeys from other lands.

Benefits of Moroccan orange honey

Orange tree honey is a concentrate of benefits, enabling you to treat a wide range of ailments quite naturally.

Here are just a few of the benefits of orange tree honey, to give you an idea of its qualities:

  • Soothing after a hard day's work, it's the perfect ally,
  • Relaxing, it reduces stress,
  • It helps combat muscle spasms,
  • Antibacterial, it will help you if you suffer from infectious diseases,
  • Against fatigue, its antioxidant properties are beneficial,
  • Finally, it's also useful for headaches and painful periods.

Taste and visual qualities of Moroccan orange honey

Orange honey from Morocco is highly appreciated for the subtlety of its taste, apart from the slight acid notes that may be present during delectation, but these are fortunately quite discreet.

Called "Limoune" or "Bourdoukal" by Moroccans, this smooth, suave honey gives off a scent of orange blossom that is directly reminiscent of traditional oriental pastries, the water of this flower being an aroma often adopted.

The color of this honey is reminiscent of gold, with an orange-yellow hue.

Slightly different depending on the harvest, the color of this honey is pleasing to the eye and reinforces its refined side.

The texture of this Moroccan honey is quite liquid, making it easy to consume, whether as a sweetener or as an addition to your cooking, it will delight your taste buds.

How to use Moroccan orange honey

Ideally, this honey is used to sweeten your tea or coffee, as a teaspoon is more than enough to enhance your drink.

It can also be used as an accompaniment on toast, its nutritional and therapeutic qualities being good reasons to supplement your daily diet.

This honey is ideal for enhancing your snacks, a pleasure accessible to all.

How to store Moroccan orange honey

Keep out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.

Above 40 degrees, it will lose its therapeutic benefits and taste qualities.

It's also best not to store it in damp conditions: a dry, well-insulated place is ideal.

Indeed, humidity greatly alters the quality of honey, by increasing its humidity level, which should not exceed 17-18%.

Above this humidity level, the honey's fermentation process would begin.

Of course, we do not recommend consuming honey that has fermented, although there is no evidence that this is harmful to human health.

Your honey may crystallize, in which case a few minutes in a bain-marie will restore its natural liquid texture, without altering any of its intrinsic qualities.

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