Moroccan Thyme Honey
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Moroccan Thyme Honey

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With its unrivalled healing and antiseptic properties, Moroccan thyme honey is an excellent honey, both for its curative properties and its exceptional taste,

or its exceptional taste.

It's sure to leave an indelible impression on you, and is a truly exceptional product.

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Of all existing Moroccan honeys, thyme honey is one of the most highly esteemed, not only for its quality, but also for its antiseptic properties.

An unrivalled healing agent, it is much appreciated by carers, and even in Europe, some doctors have prescribed it to speed up the healing process.

Present in many parts of the world, Moroccan thyme honey has nothing to envy of thyme honeys from other regions.

Geographical and natural origin of Moroccan thyme honey

Coming straight from the Berber-inhabited province of Errachidia in eastern Morocco, it is renowned as a major player in sub-Saharan trade.

Occupied by both desert and forest, the area boasts a number of atypical architectural features, and a diverse landscape that allows for the development of a wide variety of crops, all of which are highly conducive to beekeeping.

Thyme is first and foremost a type of plant, with several hundred species scattered across the globe.

It's the flowers of this plant that bees gather pollen from, and so begin the process of making this succulent honey.

Depending on the region and custom, thyme may be used as a spice, an infusion, an oil or in cosmetics.

Benefits / Virtues of Moroccan thyme honey

This Moroccan honey is characterized by its many therapeutic benefits, enhanced by Moroccan know-how in beekeeping:

Its intrinsic qualities make it an :

  • Effective antiseptic,
  • Ideal cough remedy,
  • Ally against anemia,
  • Immune system booster,
  • Known and recognized healing gas pedal,
  • Soothing for allergies,
  • Natural antibiotic,
  • Antifungal.

Taste, sight and smell

Visually, Moroccan thyme honey comes in a variety of hues, ranging from reddish-brown to deep orange, depending on the harvest.

These warm colors reflect the origins of this honey, and the warmth of its people, who are as gentle as their honey.

It should be remembered that honey is directly impacted by the flowers it is made from, and that these different characteristics are beyond the beekeeper's control

of this precious honey.

Its texture is appreciable and fairly thick, although the thickness of the honey may vary according to the harvest, and it may appear more liquid depending on the year. Consuming it regularly, year after year, will enable you to notice the nuances!

Its fragrant taste is inimitable, its aroma singular, its notes quite strong and unique, it will leave its mark on your taste buds, without a doubt.

Directions for use

Although Moroccan thyme honey is mainly used for its medicinal properties, as a cure or a dressing, it is nonetheless an excellent dish!

Whether spooned over a savory-sweet dish, or used in infusions, you'll never tire of enjoying it!

How to store Moroccan thyme honey

Keep honey out of the sun, and away from sources of heat.

Above 40 degrees, it will lose its therapeutic benefits and taste qualities.

It's also best not to store it in damp conditions: a dry, well-insulated place is ideal.

In fact, humidity greatly alters the quality of honey, which should not exceed 17-18%.

Above this level, the fermentation process will begin. Of course, we do not recommend consuming honey that has fermented, although there is no evidence that this is harmful to human health.

Your honey may crystallize, in which case a few minutes in a bain-marie will restore its natural liquid texture, without altering any of its intrinsic qualities.

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