Daghmous honey
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Daghmous honey

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Atypical honey, because it comes from an unexpected plant, the cactus, daghmous honey is an exceptional honey, first and foremost as an alicament, as it is one of the rare honeys to act on asthma.

Secondly, because in addition to taking care of your health, you also need to treat yourself, daghmous honey is a singular honey, which will amaze you, and bring beneficial effects to your organism, a unique and good honey to have at home.

(Harvest September 2022)

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Daghmous honey, also known as darmous or darghmous, is a honey derived from a singular plant, the cactus.

Highly appreciated by honey connoisseurs, it is one of the few honeys to act on asthma.

Indeed, the pollen origin of cactus honey has beneficial properties against asthma.

However, it can also be used in cooking to enhance dishes and give them a unique flavor, whether with shrimps, certain meats or as an addition to certain fruit juices.

Geographical and natural origin of Moroccan daghmous honey

This honey is harvested in the Souss region, more precisely in the town of Taroudant, surrounded by two mountain ranges that open onto the Atlantic.

The climate is prosperous, conducive to the development of agricultural crops, and many varieties of honey are produced here, thanks to the diversity of the local flora.

Although the region is renowned for its citrus production, its desert is its treasure trove, as are its orange trees, making it an ideal setting for honey cultivation, given the richness of the vegetation.

Made from cactus, it's a monofloral, edible honey, although cactus is difficult to eat, unless you like particularly pungent cuisine!

Benefits / Virtues of daghmous honey

The virtues present in each of our honeys would be nothing without the careful, qualitative work of passionate, rigorous beekeepers.

A proven methodology and a clear objective make it possible to extract a tasty honey of optimum quality.

Daghmous honey is unique, and a concentrate of numerous therapeutic benefits.

It is :

  • One of the few honeys that actively treats allergic asthma,
  • Effective in the fight against eye disease,
  • Useful for preventing cardiovascular disease,
  • Good for sore throats,
  • Invigorates the body and muscles,
  • Source of benefits against nasal and oral infections.

Taste and visual qualities of daghmous honey

Rather refined and rare, daghmous honey will surprise you with its singular taste.

Quite strong and bitter on first tasting, its warming side will amaze you, and bring you real effects on your body.

Rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it could almost be described as a natural antibiotic.

You'll find no difficulty in savoring this powerful honey from the depths of the Moroccan desert - the only difficulty may be finishing the jar too quickly!

How to use daghmous honey

Daghmous honey can be used as a fertility treatment, in conjunction with palm pollen, to achieve convincing results.

For seasoning dishes, its strong, bitter taste may put off fine gourmets, so you'll have to decide whether it's right for your guests.

This honey can also be used in very cold weather to treat any illnesses that may result.

How to store Moroccan daghmous honey

Keep out of the sun and away from sources of heat.

Above 40 degrees Celsius, it will lose its therapeutic benefits and taste qualities.

It should also be stored in a dry, well-insulated place, rather than in a damp one.

Indeed, humidity greatly alters the quality of honey by increasing its moisture content, which should not exceed 17-18%.

Above this humidity level, the honey's fermentation process would begin.

Of course, we do not recommend consuming honey that has fermented, although there is no evidence that this is harmful to human health.

Your honey may crystallize, in which case a few minutes in a bain-marie will restore its natural liquid texture, without altering any of its intrinsic qualities.

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