Organic Taliouine Saffron 1g
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Organic Taliouine Saffron 1g

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It's the most expensive spice in the world, which explains its nickname ofred gold. Saffron is a red stigma worth its weight in gold! And among the most sought-after is the famous Taliouine saffron.

Find out more about this very special herb!

Taliouine saffron: the best in the world!

The origins of saffron lie in Crete. It wasn't long before this spice was cultivated in the Middle East, then in India. Today, the biggest producer of this red gold is Iran, and yet..

Morocco ranks 4th, but according to many experts, pure Taliouine saffron remains the best in the world. Its quality and aroma are two of its distinguishing features, setting it apart from other spices.

It is mainly used in cooking, notably to flavor dishes such as chicken tagine. But also for the lovely orange color it brings to foods.

However, its fragrance is not the only criterion of interest. Crocus sativus flowers also have health benefits.

For these reasons, your well-being boutique Miel Impérial offers saffron by the gram, with excellent value for money. Given that a gram of these stigmas can cost up to 40 euros, our saffron is very affordable!

What are the benefits of Taliouine saffron?

Here are the virtues of this unique condiment:

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Beneficial for the digestive system
  • Could be a spice recommended against certain cancers, as well as multiple sclerosis
  • Beneficial against depression
  • Useful for preventing hemorrhoids
  • Helps stimulate menstruation, which is useful for women suffering from amenorrhea
  • Known to relieve stress, like linden honey
  • Reduces feelings of hunger
  • Reduces insomnia and facilitates sleep
  • Helps lower tension and maintain a good mood

Some ways to use Taliouine saffron

Pure saffron can be used in a variety of ways. The first, of course, is in savory dishes, to spice them up and give them a unique flavor. It acts as a true flavor enhancer. You can then concoct delicious meals, such as:

  • Tajines (chicken, vegetables...)
  • Potato gratin
  • Soup
  • Risotto

On the sweet side, enjoy saffron in delicious saffron pancakes, rice pudding or ice cream.

It can also be used in herbal tea to soothe coughs. We also recommend adding a teaspoon of thyme honey, ideal for this purpose.

As for dosage, we recommend 9 to 15 filaments per person for a savory dish, and 6 filaments per person for a sweet dessert.

Good to know: we recommend preparing your spice the day before for the next day. This means soaking the pistils in a little water, to release their full flavor. You can then add the infused liquid and pistils to your preparation.


Respect the recommended dosage to avoid any risk of undesirable effects.

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