Black cumin seeds 100g
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Black cumin seeds 100g

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With the same characteristics as black cumin oil or capsules, black cumin seeds are ideal for people who want to take them with meals, or incorporate them into smoothies or homemade yoghurts.

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Nigella seed, commonly known as "Nigella Sativa" and "Habba Sawda" in Arabic, is often used to treat certain ailments naturally.

Available in oil, powder or capsule form, black cumin is originally in seed form, and is entirely edible.

It is said to have innumerable benefits, such as significantly boosting the immune system and effectively combating the onset of disease. Nigella seed is one of the most widely used products in the Arab-Muslim world.

Geographical and natural origins of black cumin

Nigella seed, also known as black cumin, originated in Asia, and was first described as toxic, even though it has been consumed for thousands of years!

In its natural state, the seed comes from a flower that can reach 60 cm in height, with petals that are generally white in color, and green and yellow elements inside.

Black cumin is a melliferous flower, so it's only natural that you'll find black cumin-based honeys.

It should be noted that the nigella flower produces only a very small quantity of pollen, but this has no effect on the quality of the honey.

Benefits of black cumin seed

Black cumin seed is mainly used for its unique and impressive properties. It is 100% natural and has not been processed in any way.

Nigella seeds contain phosphate, iron, phosphorus, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin B.

It has a wide range of benefits, including

  • Strengthen the immune system, just like the Meziana oil mill,
  • Lower bad cholesterol,
  • Prevent high blood pressure,
  • Reduce sugar levels,
  • Reduce insulin resistance,
  • Helps milk production in nursing mothers,
  • Aids digestion,
  • Facilitate urine secretion,
  • Reduce headaches and dizziness,
  • Reduce joint pain,
  • Effectively treat colds,
  • Eliminate eczema and psoriasis,
  • Prevent respiratory tract infections.

Directions for use

Black cumin seed can be used by type 2 diabetics, thanks to its ability to lower blood sugar levels and inhibit the body's insulin resistance.

It is entirely possible to use it for any ailment, whether internally or externally, as the above-mentioned benefits are only part of its health-promoting effects.

Depending on the ailments you suffer from, the way you use black cumin seed will differ:

  1. For respiratory problems, drink a glass of water with a small amount of seed over several days to optimize its effects,
  2. To treat teeth problems, mix the seeds with vinegar and use as a mouthwash. The effects will be visible very quickly,
  3. For urine and kidney problems, crush a small quantity of seeds, mix with honey or water and consume the mixture,
  4. To get rid of colds, crush black cumin seeds, put the mixture in a cloth and breathe in several times to feel the effects,
  5. For fever, crushed black cumin seeds can be placed on the patient's forehead.

For a massage or to facilitate its application for aches and pains, you can use our black cumin oil, which has the same benefits as the seeds, the oil and the seed differing only in form.

Precautions for use

This product should be stored in a dry place, away from moisture and light.

Excessive consumption can lead to complications, and black cumin seeds are not recommended for pregnant women.

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