Organic argan oil 250ml
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Organic argan oil 250ml

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Native to Morocco, edible argan oil is a vegetable oil that's perfect for accompanying your dishes or breakfasts, or for flavoring your savory or sweet preparations.

Culinary argan oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E (ten times more than olive oil!!) and helps reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Eat well and stay healthy - you won't regret it!

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With its taste similar to hazelnut and almond,culinary argan oil is a highly appreciated vegetable oil in the kitchen.

Used for centuries in southern Morocco, it delicately perfumes dishes and accompanies breakfasts, but unlike cosmetic argan oil, culinary argan oil is not cold-pressed. The kernels are roasted before extraction, giving it its distinctive fruity taste.

Culinary argan oil and cosmetic argan oil

We're all familiar with cosmetic argan oil, which is a real source of benefits for skin and hair.

It's impossible to browse the shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets without coming across an argan oil night cream, serum or shampoo, but while the former enhances external beauty, the latter is a treasure for the inner self.

It's only a matter of time, however, for its dark yellow color and almond- and hazelnut-like scent have won over Europe's finest restaurateurs, who no longer hesitate to flavour their salads or casseroles with this delicate oil!

Cold pressed and roasted

Cosmetic argan oil is inedible and bitter, and can only be used externally.

That's why Berber women first roast the argan kernels when preparing culinary argan oil, to remove the bitterness from the seeds and make the oil edible and more easily digestible.

Cold-pressed argan oil is easily recognized by its light color and less pronounced odor than oil pressed after roasting.

Edible argan oil is darker in color and more fragrant, with a strong nutty taste.

The health benefits of culinary argan oil

In the Souss Massa region, culinary argan oil is found on every table. Rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, it is an ally of your health.

It reduces bad cholesterol levels in the blood and helps prevent cardiovascular disease, provided you eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Recommendations for use

Unlike other vegetable oils, culinary argan oil cannot be used for cooking, as this risks losing all its nutritional qualities.

Some people use argan oil to flavour their dishes, to enhance the taste of couscous semolina, or to bring out the aromas of spices.

Others use it to prepare vinaigrettes, or to accompany dishes in sauces such as tajines.

In Morocco, it's very common to see oil eaten in the morning for breakfast or a snack, accompanied by bread or msemen (Moroccan pancakes) and a good cup of tea. It's up to you to use your imagination in the kitchen!

Did you know?

Olive oil is the Mediterranean vegetable oil par excellence, and its benefits are indisputable, yet it can't beat argan oil in terms of benefits.

Argan oil has ten times more vitamin E than olive oil, and a high level of unsaturated fatty acids (around 80%).

How to store edible argan oil

Like all edible oils, argan oil should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and humidity.

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