Indian Costus 100g
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Indian Costus 100g

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Also known as marine costus, and native to Asia and the Middle East, Indian costus has numerous therapeutic virtues, helping to cure severe migraines, gastric disorders, abdominal pain, colds and asthma problems!

If we were to list the number of virtues contained in Indian costus, we'd fill grimoires!

It's an excellent product, inexpensive and full of benefits - what more could you ask for!

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Indian costus, also known as marine costus, is a product of Asia and the Middle East. In its original state, costus resembles siwak, but is brown in color. Its scent is similar to that of ginger, and it is consumed in powder and oil form.

It is widely used in these parts of the world for its many therapeutic virtues. Among other things, it can be used to soothe severe migraines (pleurisy), menstrual problems, freckles and many other ailments we'll be looking at later.

Indian costus is a natural medicine with unbeatable value for money. Used both internally and locally, its properties enable it to act in a wide range of situations.

Discover without further delay this product which is a staple in prophetic medicine. A must for many ailments.

Benefits of Indian costus

Costus marinus is mainly used for its medicinal properties. Suitable for a wide range of situations, this product will be of interest to you if you wish to :

  • As mentioned above, to combat severe migraines (pleurisy)
  • Helps get rid of stomach upsets
  • To erase asthma problems
  • Treats tonsils
  • Fights inflammation of the uvula (growth at the back of the throat)
  • Also acts to stop inflammation of the pharynx
  • Against abdominal distension
  • For all types of abdominal pain
  • Acts effectively on the liver
  • To relieve chest pain
  • To relieve gallbladder pain (organ located in the abdomen, next to the liver)
  • Relieve constipation to return to normal daily life
  • Also helps get rid of colds
  • To eliminate liver failure
  • To get rid of certain poisons (consult an emergency physician in case of poisoning)
  • Facilitates urination, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve
  • To make menstruation come more easily
  • Relieves abscesses
  • Problems related to sexual impotence
  • Gonorrhea problems (sexually transmitted disease)
  • Thrombus problems (obstruction of blood circulation)
  • Tuberculosis disease
  • Taking action against occult problems
  • Ovarian problems
  • Dental pain
  • Destroys intestinal worms (vermifuge)
  • Rheumatism
  • Helps fight the development of tumors
  • Has an effective effect on skin diseases: from small, benign wounds to more serious injuries.
  • Curbing the development of jaundice
  • Effective insect repellent
  • Will effectively stimulate the pancreas
  • Directly lowers blood sugar levels: a big plus for diabetics
  • By vaporization, acts directly on the respiratory system, effective in cases of hypotension

This food is mentioned in several ahadiths, including this one:

Umm Qays bint Mihsan radhi Allahu anha said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم say:

"It is up to you to use "Al 3Oud al Hindy", for indeed it contains seven remedies, it is inhaled through the nostrils to remove throat pain and placed on the sides of the mouth for relief from Dhaat al Janb (disease that gives abscesses)."

Collected by Bukhari and Mouslim.

How to use Indian costus powder ?

Costus, when powdered, can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can be :

  • Spread out to act locally
  • It can also be ingested
  • It can be applied as a compress
  • Instill costus mixed with other ingredients (drop by drop)
  • Spray on for oral and nasal action
  • By nasal inhalation in accordance with the hadith

To spread Indian Costus, mix it with another food. You can, for example, mix it with one of our honeys to multiply its virtues and extend its field of action.

To instill the costus marin powder, you also need to mix it with another ingredient. For this, we recommend using argan oil or our powerful black cumin oil.

To consume this product by ingestion, mix it with one of our honeys. Depending on what you want to treat, you'll choose your honey according to its properties. In this way, as with instillation, you can combine the virtues of costus and the honey of your choice.

To act on occult problems, and thus make you a better rokia, to begin with, use olive oil. Recite the Koran over your olive oil and add your Indian costus. Mix thoroughly and leave to stand. Then massage into various areas to eliminate witchcraft problems.

Precautions before use

Before your first use, check that you are not allergic to costus. To do this, place it on a corner of your skin. Don't use this product unless you're sure you're not allergic.

We do not recommend this product for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for very young children. This is simply a precautionary measure to avoid side effects that may not be known at present.

Origin of Indian costus powder

Indian costus is derived from a plant called costus (saussurea costus). As mentioned above, this plant is native to Asia, more specifically the Himalayas, Kashmir, India and Pakistan.

It is a product commonly used in this part of the world and has been exported to surrounding countries. Today, it is also widely used in the Arab countries of the Middle East.

The costus is one of the bases of the prophetic medicine, being present in several hadiths. It is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. Used in a variety of forms, its democratization has enabled it to find a place in many cosmetic products.

This plant can grow to several dozen centimetres in height. Costus leaves are rather large at the base and smaller at the top. There are slight teeth all along the leaf. The flowers are violet to black. They form a capitulum.

The costus produces a rather dry fruit and is little known to the general public.

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