60 Indian costus capsules
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60 Indian costus capsules

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Indian costus capsules, to be taken as a course of treatment lasting at least 3 months, will be useful both as a preventive and curative measure, to take advantage of the benefits of costus, and the ease with which the capsules can be used.

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Indian Costus ,called Qist Al Hindi in Arabic, is a plant in the Asteraceae family .Native to Asia, it is generally found at high altitudes in the province of Kashmir or in the Himalayas.

Its roots are used medicinally. They are dried and powdered for ingestion, inhalation or application as a mask or poultice. Costus generally takes the form of a small, dark-brown stick, similar to the arak (siwak) stick. It has a bitter taste and a strong odor. Along with hijama,Indian Costus is one of the best-known and most recommended remedies in prophetic medicine .

It is gradually making its way back into natural home health kits. At Miel Imperial, we offer it in capsule form to make it easier to take. Discover the benefits of Indian Costus for your health.

Indian Costus: a natural remedy

Thanks to its inflammatory, antibacterial and fungicidal properties, Indian Costus has been used for centuries in both traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Indian Costus in prophetic medicine

While Indian Costus is one of the fifty most widely used plants in Chinese medicine, it is also part of prophetic medicine . Indeed, it was also recommended by our noble Prophet (peace be upon him) in several hadiths. This exhortation is reported in numerous authentic texts, making Indian Costus a flagship remedy in prophetic medicine.

The benefits of Indian Costus

Indian Costus has so many therapeutic properties that it is becoming increasingly popular in the West. Naturopaths recommend it for its effectiveness. The benefits of Indian Costus include :

  1. naturally regulates the menstrual cycle,
  2. boosts fertility,
  3. treats urinary disorders such as incontinence or urinary retention (difficulty emptying the bladder completely),
  4. treats pleurisy (inflammation of the pleura, lung membrane),
  5. lowers fever,
  6. stimulates appetite in people with eating disorders,
  7. helps get rid of infections such as canker sores or tonsillitis,
  8. relieves abdominal pain,
  9. stimulates the immune system,
  10. helps you recover more quickly from physical exertion,
  11. restores vigour and energy to those with a low energy level,
  12. promotes intestinal transit and regulates both diarrhea and chronic constipation,
  13. drains the liver, giving it a natural boost,
  14. prevents tumors,
  15. stimulates libido and combats sexual impotence,
  16. promotes ovulation,
  17. is an excellent tension regulator,
  18. effectively relieves headaches (migraines and headaches),
  19. rids the body of intestinal worms and other parasites,
  20. heals occult ailments by evacuating ingested ailments, as a complement to roqya,
  21. cures liver disease.

Indian Costus capsules

Although Indian Costus is effective for curing ailments and stimulating the immune system, its bitter taste prevents some people from using it on a daily basis . In order to let you enjoy all its benefits, Miel Imperial has decided to offer it in capsule format. This version of Indian Costus is quick, easy and effective to use. Our capsules are certified 100% plant-based, so you can take them every day with complete peace of mind.


Indian Costus capsules are to be used daily, as part of a minimum three-month course of treatment . They can be used to prevent illness or to treat any of the aforementioned ailments. Whatever you use them for, we recommend you take two capsules a day. One in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening with dinner. To make them easier to swallow, take them with a glass of mineral water. Do not exceed the recommended number of capsules.

Precautions for use

Costus Indien is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women or young children. If you are undergoing medical treatment, ask your doctor's advice before taking the capsules. Infact, it is strongly advised not to take medicines such as aspirin at the same time as Indian Costus.

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