Pot De 7 Guérisons
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Pot De 7 Guérisons

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Still little known to the general public, but certainly not for much longer, the 7 Healings jar is undoubtedly a product, a combination of several natural products, which has not only demonstrated its effectiveness in many situations, but also enjoys an excellent reputation.

Thanks to the many testimonials from people who had given up hope, and after taking this product, saw results that were then unhoped-for, it's a real revolution, to be used as a curative as well as a preventative, a healthy and natural medicine.

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Le pot des 7 guérisons was developed by a famous Saudi research center in Medina.

Still little-known to the general public, this product benefits from numerous clinical cases which have proved its effectiveness in many fields, the dosage having been made in such a way as to obtain a product which will be useful to all.

Natural origins of the 7 Healers jar

Le pot des 7 guérisons is surprisingly beneficial, thanks to the powerful virtues of its various ingredients, each of which contains an impressive number of beneficial properties.

Here's a list of the different foods that make up the 7 Healings jar:


A natural product, its virtues and benefits have been known for centuries.

Date al ajwa:

A food renowned the world over for its unique taste and properties, its active ingredients effective in the fight against cancer, as well as its molecules, which have effects acting on headaches, similar to ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Nigella seed:

Black cumin seed, or nigella sativa, is reputed to have countless benefits, including boosting the immune system, relieving joint pain and headaches, and helping the respiratory system

respiratory system.

Indian costus:

Also known as marine costus, it comes in a variety of forms, including powder, crude or even oil, and is often combined with other products to facilitate its application.

Like honey, it accelerates healing and eliminates digestive problems.

Senna leaves:

Originating in Mecca and recognized the 4 corners of the world, it is a natural product, especially used to treat intestinal transit concerns, it also helps fight certain liver pathologies.


Relieves digestive disorders, stimulates the colon and soothes aerophagic sufferers.

Finally, Zamzam water:

Stemming from a miraculous spring renowned for its many benefits, zamzam water is known to Muslims in every land.

Benefits of the 7 Cures Pot

The Saudi Arabian research institute has provided us with documents attesting to the veracity of testimonials mentioning the healing of various ailments. On request, you can access the contact details of the people concerned, for further

further information.

Among the most famous cases is that of 13-year-old Moaz, who was cured of cancer thanks to the pot of 7 healings and a long course of treatment.

We can also cite the case of Youssef, cured of digestive problems, and many other cases..

The 7 Healings Pot can be said to..:

  • Helps heal thyroid problems,
  • Acts directly on cancer (preventive and curative),
  • Acts on diabetes: has a beneficial effect on the elimination of bad cholesterol,
  • Good for the liver,
  • Good for the intestines, in case of intoxication,
  • In case of constipation or indigestion,
  • To restore appetite,
  • In case of anemia,
  • Helps improve blood circulation,
  • Good for coughs and colds,

Directions for use

To facilitate assimilation of the contents of the 7 Cures jar, take one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach. It is also recommended to take another teaspoon in the evening, one hour before a meal.

Precautions for use

Please store the jar in a dry place, away from moisture and sunlight, to guarantee its qualities and benefits.

The 7 Cures jar is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, nor for children.

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