Nigella drainer 500ml - Saouda
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Nigella drainer 500ml - Saouda

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Composition: aqueous extract of dried plants 50% (black cumin seeds (80%), birch leaves, cherry stalks, dandelion leaves, black radish roots, green tea leaves), water, stabilizer: glycerine, red berry flavor, acidifier: citric acid, preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate; sweetener: acesulfame potassium.

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Saouda Nigella Drainer 500ml is a concentrate of nigella, cherry stem and other plants. It's a comforting formula for detoxifying the body and shedding unwanted pounds.

This all-natural product is consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. A small tablespoon a day is all you need. Not only does it boost energy levels, thanks to the active ingredients in black cumin. It also facilitates drainage and the diuretic function.

Black cumin drainer 500 ml: excellent for a short 25-day cure

At some point, we're all tempted to let ourselves go. A little fatty food, a bit of chocolate here and there, and the body ends up feeling the ill effects.

Black cumin drainer is just one of many natural products to help you lose weight. This formula is a unique blend of plants known for their detoxifying properties.

It helps the body eliminate toxins through the urinary tract and detoxify the organism. The toxins that clog up the body are also expelled by the action of the liver. Then with the help of our natural formula.

When you also know the benefits of black cumin seed, you can't help but be pleased.

A balanced, 100% natural formula

Saouda's black cumin drainer 500ml is by no means a charlatan's formula. It's a natural product with the same merit as certain spice blends.

It's a tried-and-tested grandmother's remedy. After a 25-day course of treatment, combined with exercise, you'll be back on track.

Think about it: this little cure is also an opportunity to get your mind right. But above all, it's an opportunity to better consider your eating habits for the future. This black cumin drainer is a tried and tested product.

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