Immunity boost honey 250g
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Immunity boost honey 250g

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Immunity boost honey is a natural product specially designed by us to help you get through the winter. Energy problems and heating cuts are likely to cause harm to many people. That's why we've come up with this exclusive recipe, where you'll find all the nobility of the best natural ingredients for the body.

Immunity boost honey: a boost for your body

If you want to face up to the cold under your wool sweater, you've come to the right place. Take a spoonful of our Immunité Boost honey every day for 25 days. A natural honey in which the following ingredients add meaning and tone to your life:

An explosive triptych that provides everything your body needs in the way of minerals and trace elements. This supercharged honey is comparable to the ampoule of ginseng on your pharmacist's counter in winter. A combo of natural products that will help the body strengthen itself and develop those natural defenses.

Good food gives the body energy. Immunity boost honey prolongs this result.

Giving your body the food it needs to better defend itself

The compilation of natural ingredients at the heart of Immune Boost Honey speaks for itself:

  • Black cumin renews your body's cells
  • Royal jelly boosts vigor and fights microbial and viral infections
  • Propolis helps fight colds and throat irritation, as does honey

So it's a tailor-made natural potion that you'll find in your hands. Especially useful when the electricity bill gets high and the cold sets in, this product helps you face the winter. You can also use it when you're feeling tired or run down. Its energy value and mineral concentration are excellent for well-being.

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