Sukari dates 600g (Premium quality)
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Sukari dates 600g (Premium quality)

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Tender and sweet, exquisite and delicious, with a golden brown color that makes you want to bite into it at any time, the sukari date is sure to be a gourmet's delight,

It's an exceptional dish, like no other,

Don't wait any longer to try them, it's never too late to treat yourself!

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"There are as many uses for dates as there are days in the year" Arabic proverb

Royal" dates

Considered the most expensive and premium variety of dates, sukary dates are a refined delicacy and a gift of excellence that will delight your friends and loved ones.

Renowned for their melt-in-the-mouth softness, sukary dates are ideal anytime, anywhere, to replace a sweet treat or sweeten your desserts. Golden and delicious, they're a real gourmet's delight.

Sukary date identity card

Name: datte sukary

Type: yellow-skinned date, soft and melting

Country of origin: Saudi Arabia

Use: tasting, pastries, dishes, smoothies..

Energy / energy

476 KJ (112.80 kcal)

1190 KJ (282 kcal)


<0.04 g

2 g

Dry matter (70°C/6h/Vac.)

30.2 g

75.6 g/100g

Total fat

0.025 g

<0.1 g/100g

Total dietary fiber

3.44 g

8.6 g/100g



Caloric intake

329 Kcal

Fiber content

7.62 gr

Protein content

2.96 gr

Fat content

1.57 gr

Copper content

0.06 mg

Water content

5,16 %

Total sugars

77.67 gr

A little history..

The date palm is one of the oldest fruit trees, dating back to around 8,000 BC.

Unlike the Arabs, who had known about dates for thousands of years, the date was an integral part of the culinary heritage of the Arabs of the time. The date didn't appear in the French language until around the 13th century, the term datte literally meaning "finger", given the shape of the fruit.

Some historians even claim that without the much-loved dates, the expansion of civilization would have been much less significant, since the date tree is one of the few plants that can withstand the extreme temperatures of the desert, and its fruit provided an important source of energy for the Bedouins, making it an indispensable staple food at the time!

Closer to home, although diets have become considerably richer and more diverse, dates remain a pleasure and a popular food, with the sukary date being a noble variety of date throughout the world.

Date varieties

An Arab proverb says that there are more varieties of dates than there are days in the year! In Algeria alone, there are no fewer than 940 different varieties of dates. Dates for everyone and everything, an ideal, a real treat.

Whether you like deglet nour, take ajwa for its medicinal properties, or prefer medjool, each person will find the date that suits them best.

The sukary date is a variety that is considered to be the queen of dates, a superior quality date with a subtle and delicate taste.

Description of the sukary date

The name of the sukary date comes from "soukour", which means sugar in Arabic.

As its name suggests, it's a very sweet, sought-after date that can be eaten both fresh and dried.

Sukary dates are distinguished from other dates by their golden color, tending towards light caramel.

These dates are cone-shaped with marked folds in their skin, have a pleasantly sweet taste, and their flesh is firm on the outside, a product carefully selected to satisfy you.

The benefits of sukary dates

In addition to its delicious taste, the sukary date is not to be outdone when it comes to health benefits!

In fact, it contains vitamins, potassium, iron and carbohydrates, making it a very interesting source of energy, whether for athletes or people looking for a one-off energy boost.

Its high fiber content facilitates intestinal transit, and its antioxidants will help you in your daily fight against cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and other chronic illnesses.

Finally, sukary dates are said to have curative properties, preventing tooth decay and cholesterol.

Directions for use

Sukary dates can be eaten in a variety of ways: frozen, you'll get date ice cream, perfect for scorching summers; fresh, it's perfect for breaking up the young, or as a gourmet treat.

They can be eaten as a dessert, for breakfast, or at any time of the day, in smoothies or as an addition to dishes. Sukary dates are excellent, so leave the rest to your imagination!

Storage and precautionary measures

To preserve these dates for as long as possible, please keep them in the fridge, otherwise you can store them in the freezer for several months, or even years, and they can be refrozen without any problem.

Failure to comply with these instructions would impair the intrinsic qualities of these dates.

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