Organic face scrub 100ml - Abellie
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Organic face scrub 100ml - Abellie

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Abellie organic face scrub is once again an extraordinary beauty product for your face. You may have already succumbed to certain Abellie cosmetics like the eye contour cream. Why not try the organic face scrub for a radiant face. A weekly use that completes the range of cosmetics already in your bathroom.

Abellie's organic face scrub is an extravagant formula that, for once, sets itself apart from traditional clays. At the heart of this astringent, beauty-revealing formula are 5 noble natural ingredients:

  • Organic acacia honey
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Organic Jojoba
  • Organic aloe vera
  • Rice powder exfoliant.

Abellie organic face scrub: guaranteeing the beauty of your face

You all know the primary function of scrubs in cosmetics. For the face, they are used to unclog pores and eliminate impurities. Abellie's organic facial scrub is specifically designed to do just that, with a new, innovative and distinguished formula. All the natural ingredients present in this care product make it easier to withstand and balance your PH.

In fact, the scrub and its astringent function must be left to rest for at least 20 minutes. The end of the timer often shows that your face is pulling, as the scrub excels in its mission. This facial treatment has therefore revisited the scrub to maintain intense hydration and prevent your face from drying out. Its complete formula takes advantage of the benefits of cosmetic oils to keep skin soft and regenerated at the same time.

The beneficial role of this exfoliant on your skin

Abellie's organic facial scrub has a multi-faceted mission. It doesn't just purify and astringent your face in the same way as a mud bath.

Its high-performance characteristics come from additions that have been carefully studied in cosmetological tests to ensure that your skin remains radiant. At the heart of the various ingredients present in this treatment are the following properties:

  • Excellent anti-wrinkle action provided by the addition of organic cosmetic oils
  • Intense hydration thanks to products rich in vitamin E and antioxidants
  • Soothing and softening action of aloe vera on the skin
  • The healing effect of organic acacia honey.

For a beautiful, healthy-looking face

This natural facial scrub is suitable for everyone. It is recommended first and foremost for acne-prone and oily skin looking for natural purification. But it's not just about purifying the face. It offers complementary properties, as we have just demonstrated. In addition to its cleansing and purifying properties, this formula is at the heart of cellular renewal on your face. Positive actions include :

  • Skin that breathes again
  • Proven cell renewal
  • Effective antioxidant action on your face.

The old film of skin on your face is replaced, giving way to a new, radiant face.

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