Organic Egyptian Nigella Oil 100ml
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Organic Egyptian Nigella Oil 100ml

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When you see this new product, you might think "yet another black cumin oil! It's true that there are lots of them, but having a choice is a good thing. After all, we're not just riding a wave of popularity. Nigella is a product that has long since earned its letters of nobility!

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When you see this new product, you might think "yet another black cumin oil! It's true that there are lots of them, but having a choice is a good thing. After all, we're not just riding a wave of popularity. Nigella is a product that has long since earned its letters of nobility !At Imperial Honey, we're proud to be able to present you with an exclusive new and innovative product. The product is organic Egyptian black cumin oil. But not just any black cumin oil ! Discover a black cumin oil unlike any other..

Organic Egyptian black cumin oil, your new softness !

Organic Egyptian black cumin oil is presented in an Egyptian-colored packaging. The hieroglyphs on the packaging put you right in the mood. And don't be fooled by the packaging! Habbat al baraka, from its Egyptian name, has been used since ancient Egypt, notably by pharaohs and queens ! This precious liquid comes in a 100mL bottle from Nigelle Source. A company renowned for its high-quality, all-natural products. Egyptian black cumin oil has been obtained by first cold pressing. The black seeds have been carefully selected and then filtered. This extraction method preserves all the active ingredients of this exceptional oil. All without any chemical treatment or blending. It is well known that black cumin oil is an oil with character, strong and spicy. And as soon as it hits the palate, it unleashes all its aromas and power! Like our ethiopian black cumin oil. This organic Nigelle Source oil is, on the contrary, very soft and refined !Which may come as a surprise to all you habba sawda fans! But don't worry. Although its taste is subtle and not very pronounced, our black seed retains all its active ingredients ! Even the most sensitive palates will enjoy the benefits of this organic Egyptian black cumin oil. While treating yourself to a an elixir full of finesse, very gentle and non-aggressive on the palate.

Qualified labels, a guarantee of quality !

Know that in addition to being analyzed by a French laboratory, our organic black cumin oil is guaranteed: Cosmos organic This oil bears the Cosmos signature. A guarantee that your oil is organic and natural ! Kosher label This certification attests to a certain product quality, as well as strict adherence to manufacturing rules. This kosher label is synonymous with high standards, purity and transparency.

Egyptian black cumin oil: its countless benefits

Habba saouda oil has so many virtues that it's quite a challenge to list them all! Without going into too much detail, but without botching the job either, here is a non-exhaustive list of its properties: Internally

  • This mild, refined black cumin oil is ideal for oral use. Its benefits include for asthma and allergic rhinitis ;
  • It also makes it possible toimprove memory and concentration ;
  • It's a natural remedy against male infertility ;
  • Habba saouda is recommended for people suffering frommild hypertension ;
  • For children, organic black cumin oil can be effective against epilepsy ; ;
  • This plant contains essential oils and is useful for boost the immune system ;
  • The presence of nigellin is beneficial for a good digestive and intestinal system ;
  • Black cumin seed oil is recommended for people with diabetes. It also has a beneficial impact on blood sugar levels, and combats snacking cravings.


  • On the skin, black cumin is the natural solution to skin problems : psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, eczema, fungus and boils ;
  • She is the panacea for mature skin thanks to its high antioxidant content. It can be a good base for an anti-wrinkle serum ;
  • Organic black cumin oil from Egypt has fungicidal, healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. You can therefore add it to your natural first-aid kit !

Many ways to use organic black cumin oil on a daily basis

You can use black cumin oil pure or diluted with another vegetable oil, as required.

  • To boost immunity

In general, you can take a glass of water with a spoonful of organic Egyptian black cumin oil every morning on an empty stomach. Add a spoonful of jujube honey, with a little lemon juice. It's a real pick-me-up that will boost your immune system.

  • Against acne

Mix 20% pure black cumin oil in 80mL solubol. Apply this natural lotion to the face morning and evening.

  • As a poultice for wounds and burns

Use a mixture of honey and organic habba saouda oil in equal quantities. Apply daily to the area to be treated.

  • For beautiful hair

You can use an oil bath to maintain your hair, twice a month. Black cumin oil can be combined with many other oils. It all depends on your needs. We recommend l'castor oil and.argan, to accelerate growth while deeply nourishing them. But there are many more synergies !

ConservationEgyptian black cumin oil

For connoisseurs, you'll certainly notice that all Nigella oils come in very special bottles. These are made from UV-resistant glass, so as not to alter the quality of the precious oil. We recommend keeping your product away from light, heat and humidity. Be sure to respect the best-before date on the packaging. Precautions It's always advisable to do a skin test when introducing a new cosmetic into your routine. Apply a drop to the wrist or elbow. After several hours, you'll be able to use your black cumin oil without any allergic reaction. Black cumin oil is not recommended for pregnant women. This product cannot replace medical advice and is not a substitute for medication. We invite you to discuss the introduction of black cumin with your doctor if you are undergoing treatment.

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