The Incredible Regrowth Serum 50ml
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The Incredible Regrowth Serum 50ml

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Miel impérial offers you an exceptional product. Theincredible regrowth serum from the 1001 vertus brand. Aptly named, this incredible hair serum has already won over many men and women. Thanks to its wonderfully balanced blend of oils. Anti-hair loss, anti-dandruff and growth gas pedal, it's the ideal serum to care for your hair. Forget about hair problems like itching and split ends. Incredible Regrowth Serum is the hair care product for you!

Regain the hair of your dreams

L'incroyable sérum repousse is a hair care product from 1001 vertus. Its pure, natural oils come straight from Morocco. This 100% natural cosmetic is extremely effectivethanks to its composition. All the oils have been selected for their scalp and hair care benefits. This oily macerate enables women and men alike to regain perfect hair from the very first use. It deeply nourishes and repairs damaged hair, just like hair botox. If you've mistreated your hair with coloring, bleaching, straightening, etc., the incredible regrowth serum is the ideal product for recovering fortified, shiny hair!

The composition of this miracle serum

L'Incredible Regrowth Serum is composed of oils renowned for their hair care benefits. Here's the composition, which we'll look at in detail below:argan oil,garlicoil, black cumin oil,sweet almondoil, arugula oil, prickly pear seed oil, sesame oil, pine oil,onion oil, mustard oil, fenugreek oil, chamomile oil, jujube oil, pure saffron oil

Garlic and mustardoilsagainst dandruff

Garlic and mustard oils are renowned for their ability to combat dandruff. Antibacterial, they cleanse the scalp and improve blood circulation. The result is a healthy, dandruff-free scalp and faster hair growth.

Sesame,onion and pineoilsto activate blood circulation

These oils have the ability to promote good scalp irrigation. When blood micro-circulation is stimulated at the bulb level, hair loss is reduced. The result is more nourished, silky and fortified hair. Argan, black cumin andsweet almond oilsto restore suppleness and shine These precious, incomparably effective oils need no introduction. These 3 oils make hair softer, smoother and shinier. They strengthen the hair fiber and repair split ends, while moisturizing the hair. Allowing you to go from dull, dry, brittle hair to supple, sublimated hair. Black cumin oilalso combats hair loss, whilesweet almond oilrelieves itchy scalp.

Arugula, chamomile and prickly pear oils for dry hair

These vitamin E -rich oils protect your hair from oxidation. This helps repair damaged hair follicles. Your hair is thus protected from loss and dryness. The result is stronger, shinier hair. Protecting your hair from damage means you can use repair products more effectively. You can treat damaged hair without damaging it any more than it already is. Ideal for hair damaged by bleaching. Note that soothing chamomile oil can give natural highlights to light-colored hair. People with light blond or chestnut hair may notice a slight, natural blond highlight while using the serum.

Fenugreek, jujube and saffron oils against hair loss

These 3 oils are hair fortifiers. They slow hair loss and strengthen the hair fiber. Less brittle and more plentiful, this treatment gives you voluminous hair. These oils are excellent for people with flat, lackluster hair. For a lion's mane. The incredible regrowth serum may also be of interest to those suffering from hair loss. Breastfeeding women and young mothers, but also men prone to baldness.

The benefits of using it

With its incredible composition of plant oils, this serum has a number of capillary benefits. Here's a concise list:

  • Stimulates hair growth;
  • Activates hair regrowth;
  • Eliminates dandruff ;
  • Relieves itchy hair ;
  • Stops hair loss;
  • Nourishes and strengthens hair fiber;
  • Repairs and thickens hair;
  • Activates scalp blood circulation;
  • Makes hair shiny and silky.

These effects can be seen from the very first use. The incredible regrowth serum is equally effective for women andmen.

How doIapply it?

Incredible Regrowth Serum can be used as an oil bath. But be careful, this doesn't mean you have to empty the whole bottle! If you use too much product, you'll have trouble removing the excess oil from your hair. We therefore advise you to use the oil a little at a time , until it lightly impregnates all your hair. How to use:

  1. Place a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand
  2. Rub your hands together
  3. Carefully massage your scalp for 1-2 minutes (upside down if you have long hair)
  4. Reapply oil if quantity is insufficient
  5. Apply serum to ends of hair, and lightly to length
  6. Leave on for 1 hour to a full night (protect your hair from friction overnight)
  7. Wash hair with your usual shampoo.

House tip: We recommend our Nigella Oil Solid Shampoo to complete your treatment. The hair fiber drawsoil from the bottom up. If you apply a little serum to the ends, it will work its way up through the lengths tothe roots. If you're planning to leave the serum on overnight, we advise you not to apply it to the lengths. Apply only to scalp and ends.


If you are allergic to any of the oils in theincredible regrowth serum, we advise you not touseit. Mustard oil is a strong oil. Sensitive scalps may be irritated by its use. As it is not the main component of this serum, we advise you to test it first. If your scalp feels itchy or hot, it's because it's sensitive and can't tolerate mustard oil.

Make your own personalized serum

If you're interested in the incredible regrowth serum but have a sensitive scalp. Or that certain oils interest you more than others, we suggest you create your own serum. In our online store, you'll find a selection of natural oils that are ideal for hair care:

  • Ethiopian Nigella Oil
  • Organic cosmetic Argan oil
  • Organic castor oil
  • Organic sweet almond oil
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Organic garlic oil
  • Organic fenugreek oil
  • Prickly pear seed oil

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