Organic honey and propolis 250g - Ma Ruche Bio
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Organic honey and propolis 250g - Ma Ruche Bio

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Our natural Honey and Propolis product from Ma Ruche Bio is the ideal ingredient for the shoulder season. You won't believe the benefits this body formula has to offer. Crowned with the title "throat softener", you immediately grasp the special attention paid to this hive product. A combination of two of the most effective natural products for fighting winter ailments.

Organic Honey and Propolis: the sweetness of honey to face winter well

All the benefits of honey and propolis rain down on your body like a shower of blessings. These two complete ingredients, at the heart of the Miel et Propolis Bio range, are there for your winter cure.

Use it as a preventive measure to strengthen your body when the cold sets in. This formula is designed to boost your immune system and give your body a boost when the temperature drops.

You'll also be able to ensure that your body's resistance is enhanced. The combined antimicrobial and antiviral properties of these beehive products have been specifically designed for this purpose.

If you're tired and lack energy in the morning, a course of our generous formula is just what you need. For an equivalent oxidizing action, discover our organic Honey and Aloe Vera product.

Use our formula for seasonal changes

Organic Honey and Propolis is above all a formula rich in concentrated active ingredients. It is particularly beneficial when the body is weakened. Its richness in minerals and trace elements boosts natural defenses. The off-season, which has a direct impact on fatigue, is therefore the ideal time to consume our generous 25O g jar.

This natural, preventive remedy better prepares the body for winter illnesses and exposure to temperature changes. By consuming it daily over the course of a month, you can better prepare your body for the harmful effects of :

  • Angina
  • Bronchitis
  • Nasopharyngitis
  • Asthma
  • Colds.

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