Organic Honey & Turmeric 250g - Ma Ruche Bio
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Organic Honey & Turmeric 250g - Ma Ruche Bio

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Ma ruche Bio's honey and organic turmeric preparation plays a revitalizing role in your health. Precisely, this natural preparation entitled "joint comfort" is our little grandmother's remedy. It adds a little tonus to your daily routine, so that physically, everything runs like clockwork. You're already familiar with honey's preventive health function. Its beneficial, immune-boosting and antioxidant action is no longer a secret. The talents of this natural ingredient, combined with the active principle of curcumin, make it a healthy product par excellence.

Organic honey and turmeric: an explosive, resplendent blend of flavors

Organic Honey and Turmeric is the ideal blend for herbal teas or cups of hot water. This Indian spice, renowned for its soothing and invigorating properties, is a very well-balanced recipe. It has a highly effective effect on the body. However, it's also the slightly spicy, pleasant taste that you'll find at the heart of this honeyed preparation.

In addition to the beneficial action you can derive from it, it's already a juxtaposition of pleasantly flavored ingredients. The natural sugar and mineral content of honey combined with the pleasant scent of Indian spice create a perfect symbiosis. In a similar spirit, discover our Organic Honey and Ginseng product.

All the benefits of curcumin in honey

Organic Honey and Turmeric has been specifically designed for joint pain. The addition of turmeric to the heart of this recipe has expressly recognized anti-inflammatory effects. Indeed, turmeric is a rhizome plant that has been recognized for thousands of years for its benefits against joint pain. Specifically, its action and careful consumption are beneficial in the following situations:

  • Joint and lumbar pain
  • Physical recovery after exercise
  • Rheumatism
  • Relief from bruising.

Organic Honey and Turmeric is therefore excellent for combating the long-lasting and undesirable effects of osteoarthritis. We don't often think about it. But many ingredients of natural origin have a highly effective action on the body. That's why we offer you our Organic Honey and Turmeric product.

Organic Honey and Turmeric: the shock duel against cardiovascular disease

Among the latest positive actions of this Miel et Curcuma bio range from the Ma Ruche Bio brand, there are :

  • Lower blood cholesterol levels
  • A detoxifying action on the liver and a significant reduction in fats
  • Limitation of type 2 diabetes
  • Positive action on the digestive tract.

A natural formula recommended for athletes

This balanced Honey & Organic Turmeric formula is also an excellent compromise for top-level sportsmen and women. The natural ingredients it contains are aimed squarely at people who put in sustained physical effort. Honey is there to give the tonus needed for effort, while turmeric prevents aches and cramps.

This organically-farmed product is recommended for a short one-month course of treatment once a day. Add a spoonful to herbal tea or boiling water to stimulate your body.

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