Organic ginger oil 100ml
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Organic ginger oil 100ml

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Although dietary use must be measured by the drop, ginger oil has positive effects on the stomach and intestines. It remedies a host of unpleasant and recurrent symptoms.

(100% natural, certified by cosmos and koscher)

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Ginger oil is derived from the famous Indian spice used in many Asian dishes. In France, it is mainly used to make the famous children's snack: "le pain d'épices".

The oily solution is much less well known to the public. Yet its usefulness and interest make it an effective remedy to help and counter some of life's hazards. Whether it's for minor ailments or everyday discomforts, ginger oil's warming power can provide comfort. Read on to find out more.

Ginger oil: a powerful, distinctive aroma

Ginger oil is nothing other than the emanation of the spice in oily form. As a result, it has a strong, distinctive aroma. But that doesn't mean it's unpleasant. In fact, even though it smells hot, it has a very pleasant aroma that is often appreciated by consumers. The reason it's so popular is that it gives off a citrus scent reminiscent of lemon zest. This criterion lends a certain sweetness and delicacy to a spice known for its powerful aroma. The fragrance developed by ginger oil is also reminiscent of the cut root, where the uncovered yellow bark gives way to a delicate, spicy sensation. In essence, it recalls the pronounced, woody taste of ginger root.

Virtues for the body and digestive transit

Although its use in food must be measured by the drop, ginger oil has positive effects on the stomach and intestines. It remedies a host of unpleasant, recurring symptoms. These include

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Intestinal cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Intestinal spasms.

It also stimulates the appetite. This oil is used to make medicinal solutions for this purpose.

Its sedative properties boost morale and work assiduously against nausea and vomiting.

Ginger oil has been used for centuries in India and Arab countries as a curative. It's a traditional alternative medicine that's still relevant today.

Like the spice itself, ginger has strong aphrodisiac potential. Its warming power boosts libido and remedies all problems associated with sexual impotence.

Proven action on respiratory disorders and muscular pain

Used as a massage oil on affected parts of the body, ginger oil stimulates and penetrates instantly where pain persists. Highly effective for soothing the respiratory tract, ginger oil is like the ice cream that soothes the fire of bronchitis and other respiratory inflammations. Whether it's the flu, a cold or laryngitis, this action is made possible by its antibacterial and decongestant properties.

In fact, the heat released by ginger oil acts on the entire respiratory system, countering the undesirable effects of fever and sinusitis.

By massaging it into the forehead or inhaling it, the effects fade away, if only for a moment, allowing you to see things more clearly.

This action is also noticeable in joint and muscle pain. It provides much the same sensation as Flector gel for tendonitis. Incidentally, this pain-relieving gel does not itself contain ginger-based compounds, but castor oil.

However, ginger oil meets the same expectations and effectively relieves cramps, muscular pains and rheumatism.

In fact, the application of ginger oil is beneficial during menstruation and menopause. Ginger oil is particularly effective in relieving pain during these complicated phases of human life.

Positive effects on general health and well-being

Without going overboard, the occasional use of ginger oil has powerful sedative effects. It has a pragmatic effect on situations of stress, overwork or anxiety. And its effects are immediately productive. Its olfactory power goes straight to the head and soothes the nervous system. By influencing the emotions, it provides short-term tranquility for those prone to psychic disorders. Concentration and fleeting joy are restored for a short time.

To make the most of its benefits in these delicate situations, pour a few drops into a diffuser in the main rooms of the home. Spreading and diffusing aphrodisiac ginger oil will have a positive effect on the mind.

This is a very common practice in aromatherapy.

Understanding the composition of ginger oil

Ginger oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and so it should be. Its high concentration of gingerols and gingerenones are the factors that explain its properties. It is precisely these two molecules that are responsible for the spicy taste of the spice, and a fortiori of the oil.

As one of the most beneficial antioxidants, their warming effects are surprisingly effective in neutralizing pain. The soothing burning sensation typical of these two molecules is quite similar in consistency to that of chillies. In this respect, capsaicin (the pungent substance in chillies) and piperine (that of pepper) have quite similar actions on the body.

As a result, these two molecules are essentially responsible for the stimulating power of ginger oil on the body and psychological faculties.

Meticulously studied by medicine, ginger is the ingredient with the highest quantity of gingerols in the world.

This property, which stimulates sweating, helps combat cold-related illnesses.

Ginger oil, as an identifying element of Ayurvedic medicine, is also of interest to contemporary research.

Medical studies have long been underway into its therapeutic virtues. In this respect, it is said to be of particular interest in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers (colon, intestine, ovary) and Alzheimer's, as well as in the protection of aging cells in the human body.

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