Organic Aloe Vera Oil
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Organic Aloe Vera Oil

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Perhaps the best product we've come up with, since aloe, from which aloe vera is derived, is so underestimated and misunderstood by modern medicine.

Coming to us straight from Morocco, aloe vera oil is a therapeutic "gold mine", so numerous are its benefits that, in the 15th century, aloe vera was called the "doctor in a jar", and no one took to the sea without having it on the boat, which just goes to show how many qualities it has!

(100% natural, certified by cosmos and koscher)

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Aloe Vera (Aloé barbadensis), often known in gel form, has been widely used for many years for its therapeutic and aromatherapy benefits, and is now available in oil form.

Aloe Vera oil macerate is a macerate extracted from the aloe plant and blended with fatty oils, so it's not just the result of extracting the aloe plant.

It is appreciated for relieving pain and inflammation, and recognized for its particularly effective regenerative action. However, it is used in so many other situations, given its numerous benefits and impressive natural composition.

Our macerate is produced in Morocco, and is certified ORGANIC by the French certification body Ecocert.

Geographical and natural origin of Aloe Vera oil macerate

Sourced directly from Morocco, our oil undergoes a number of different manufacturing stages.

First, the oil is macerated and extracted, then heated to a high temperature and, without losing any of its properties, incorporated into a vegetable oil.

A certain amount of time is needed for the plant's cell membranes to break down, so that the oil can absorb all its natural properties. This is called oil, but the correct term is oily macerate.

The macerate is then left to rest, and any remaining plant residues are filtered off.

Oil is more practical than gel in many respects, notably for its ease of application and multiplicity of possible uses.

Benefits of organic aloe vera macerate

Here are just some of the active ingredients in our oil:

  • Many vitamins, including vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, vitamin A beta-carotene and vitamin E alpha-tocopherol,
  • But it also contains a number of minerals that are beneficial to the body, including copper, iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, manganese and potassium,
  • We find a certain quantity of anthraquinones, which have an antiviral effect,
  • As well as an impressive quantity of amino acids and essential amino acids,
  • And last but not least, certain tumor-, cancer- and diabetes-fighting substances known as polysaccharides.

Recommendations for use

The advantage of consuming it in oil rather than gel form is its much longer shelf life, and in oil form, it contains the same benefits as in gel form.

You can use it as a cosmetic product, whether in lip balm, lotion, body care or other skin care products.

We advise you to use this oil straight from your shower or bath, as your still damp skin will facilitate absorption of the oil, and seal in the moisture.

Here's when you'll benefit from using it:

  • To relieve pain and inflammation,
  • To nourish dry hair,
  • You want to eliminate dandruff,
  • You want to effectively treat insect bites, swelling or inflammation,
  • Prevent cavities, plaque and gingivitis,
  • You want to accelerate hair regrowth,
  • Fight fungal infections.

It can also be used to smooth out the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, psoriasis, herpes, shingles, osteoarthritis-related inflammations and much more..

Precautions for use

This oil is best used externally, directly on the skin.

Before use, check that you are not allergic to this oil, by performing a skin test on the crease of the elbow.

Store this oil away from moisture and sunlight, in a dry, well-ventilated place.

This is a vegetable oil, an oily macerate as previously mentioned, so there are no contraindications for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

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