Nigella Thyme Honey 250g - Saouda
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Nigella Thyme Honey 250g - Saouda

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Product features : Preparation based on thyme and black cumin honey. Composition : Spanish thyme honey (97%), organic black cumin seeds (3%)

Directions for use : Mix before use to get the most out of this preparation. Store in its packaging, away from heat and humidity.

Packaging : Glass jar Capacity 250 g Made in France Our honeys and all our products are made in France.

Average nutritional information per 100 g: Energy 1372 kJ /323 kcal Fat < 0.5 g of which saturated fatty acids < 0.1 g Carbohydrates 79 g of which sugars 77 g Protein 1.2 g Salt < 0.01 g

Best before date: 24 months The best before date and batch number are visible on the lid

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Take advantage of all the virtues of nigella thyme honey by consuming it with a teaspoon or in a hot drink. Everyone agrees that habba sawda is packed with therapeutic benefits. This product will also surprise you with its inimitable flavor, which has already won over many of our customers.

Nigella thyme honey to treat and delight you

The discovery of the benefits of black cumin seeds is nothing new. Indeed, man has been using it since Antiquity. In fact, several religious books mention it. Its name varies from country to country. Some call it black cumin, others Habba Saouda, or even Sanouj.

Anecdotally, Habba Sawda oil, similar to our organic Egyptian black cumin oil 100 ml, was found in Tutankhamun's tomb. Its medicinal properties have already proved its effectiveness against respiratory problems. They also help strengthen the immune system. Your health will continue to demand this product with its countless benefits.

When science backs up authentic stories

Today, everyone agrees on the medicinal value of black cumin. Numerous serious studies have categorically demonstrated the various benefits provided by this plant, which is found in our nigella thyme honey.

Muslims didn't wait for these findings to become convinced of its benefits. In fact, the Messenger of Allah has been recommending the consumption of this plant for medicinal purposes for over fourteen centuries.

Not just for medicinal purposes!

Nigella Sativa can also be found in a wide range of cuisines, having carved out a place for itself in oriental cooking. Why deprive yourself of a tasty product that also contributes to your well-being? As always, the Miel Imperial boutique selects natural products that are beneficial on every level!

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