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Ant oil 60ml - Manelya

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Ant oil is an indisputable ally against hair growth. In fact, it is renowned and recognized as one of the best cosmetics in its field.

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Ant oil is an indisputable ally against hair growth. In fact, it's renowned as one of the best cosmetics in its field.

Attention all seekers of natural organic products that will change your beauty routine. Discover a product that will give you complete satisfaction. What's it called?Ant oil.

Ant oil at a glance

Known the world over,ant oil has been used for generations, particularly by women in the Orient. These women used ant eggs and rubbed them directly onto their skin to prevent hair growth. Intrigued? Let's find out more about this elixir!

First of all, it's important to know that this vegetable oil is 100% natural. As a result, it's totally industrially produced, without the use of insects. It is therefore a vegan oil, just like organic and ethical coconut oil, which is highly effective in combating hair growth.

That's why we're delighted to offer you this product, which is extremely useful on a daily basis.

In terms of texture, manelya ant egg oil is very oily, yet fluid and quickly penetrates the skin, leaving a protective film on its surface. It also has a pleasant, light fragrance.

However, it should be noted that the results of this cosmetic are not miraculous, but progressive. As with all natural products, patience is required to achieve the final result.

Please note: for environmental and ethical reasons, this product is no longer produced from insects. Laboratories have now succeeded in synthesizing formic acid. Formic acid is the key component in the hair growth cycle, slowing down regrowth after depilation. As a result, hair growth is considerably reduced over time.

The benefits of ant oil

Ant oil is highly appreciated for its many benefits. Let's discover them for ourselves:

For hair, this elixir can :

This particular oil is well known for its effect on hair. In fact, when used properly, it slows or even eliminates hair growth. First, it makes hair much thinner. Then, after several applications, the hair will gradually disappear.

It can also be used as an after-hair removal treatment.

For the skin:

Although the general benefits of ant oil are known for its effects on hair, there are other virtues. It is an elixir, softening the skin.

Applying it to the skin makes it softer and more moisturized. It alsoexfoliates the skin naturally. By gently massaging the oil into the skin, it even removes dead skin cells. A bit like a scrub!

This exceptional little product is best known to women in the Orient. It's also used in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and certain Maghreb countries. So it's important to understand that this anti-hair growth oil is not a new discovery, since it's been around for a very long time.

It's a great find for European countries. In fact, it only arrived in our cosmetics a few years ago. One thing's for sure: we haven't heard the last of it!

And if you're looking for an oil with the opposite effect, for hair growth, opt forcastor oil . Castor oil is a plant of tropical origin extracted from its seeds, which offer a host of benefits. These include hair growth. So, if you're a man with a beard, castor oil will be ideal for growing it.

How do I use castor oil?

This elixir can be used on all skin types. What's more, it can also be used safely on the hair, body and even face.

However, it remains the most effective for permanent hair removal. So, to get results, you'll need to wax yourself first. The best technique is to wax and then rinse with warm water. Also, if you can, exfoliate before applying ant oil. It can then be used to massage the areas just waxed. A ten-minute massage is recommended to ensure proper penetration into the skin. You should then repeat the massage every day before going to bed, for 5 days. Results will become evident after five days.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Waxing;
  • Rinse with warm water;
  • Exfoliation;
  • Massage ant oil into the skin;
  • Repeat application every day for five days.

Tips for storing ant oil

Vegetable oils are mainly composed of fatty acids. These can break down, causing the elixir to lose its beneficial properties. This alteration can be caused by air, light or heat. The result is a change in odour and color, known as oxidation.

To prevent your ant oil from going rancid, you'll need to :

  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from light, preferably in its original packaging.
  • You should also check the temperature of the place where your cosmetics will be stored.

Tip: you can also opt to store your cosmetics in the fridge. This will extend its shelf life.

A few precautions for use

On the face of it, this oil presents no risk of allergy, but caution is still called for when using a new cosmetic.

Please note that our information is for guidance only and in no way represents medical advice. If you have any questions, please seek the advice of a health professional.

It is also advisable to carry out a test on the elbow before using the product.

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