Wooden honey spoon
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Wooden honey spoon

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The wooden honey spoon is a very useful accessory for helping yourself to the honey pot without getting honey all over the place. But this spoon isn't just for keeping your fingers clean..

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The wooden honey spoon is a very useful accessory for helping yourself to the honey pot without getting honey all over the place. But it's not just for keeping your fingers clean..

The wooden honey spoon: pretty and practical!

To our knowledge, there are 2 types of honey spoon:

  • The round-headed, spiral-shaped spoon, most often made from wood. This is the one you'll find in your Miel impérial store
  • The elbow spoon, made of stainless steel or stainless steel. This spoon is distinguished by its original design, which forms a kind of elbow so that you can rest your spoon on the rim of the honeypot. Practical enough for presenting honey, the angled spoon is especially useful for creamy, solid honeys.

The honey-tasting session can quickly turn sour if you don't have the right utensils! The result: sticky fingers, a dirty jar, a stained table and, above all, wasted honey ! So let's use the coffee spoon for coffee, not honey, and let's get into the habit of using a honey spoon. The wooden honey spoon is made from solid, noble wood, the surface of which has been perfectly smoothed to leave no pores or cracks. The aim, of course, is to guarantee a hygienic spoon that won't trap honey inside. The spoon has a distinctive shape, with a "head" resembling a beehive. The tip has several ridges that hold the honey in place when the spoon is dipped into the honey pot. A real revolution when you consider how painful it is tocatch honey with a conventional spoon: you have to turn it in all directions until the honey stops dripping, and as soon as you put the spoon in your mouth, the honey is dripping all over the place! But with these famous ridges, the honey stays "stuck" and nothing is wasted. Good news for gourmets! Why a "wooden" spoon?

A noble material

Contrary to popular belief, honey is a naturally anti-bacterial material. And as we mentioned above, the wooden honey spoon we offer is a quality spoon, with a smooth surface that guarantees total hygiene. However, if you own a wooden spoon and notice that it is cracked or damaged, it should no longer be used. It could store food that has accumulated during use, which is no longer at all hygienic. So think about buying a new wooden honey spoon!

Honey-friendly wood

No, it's not just a marketing buzz to get you to buy a honey spoon! Metal is definitely not recommended when you want to dip your spoon into a jar of honey. It's a proven fact that the acidic pH of honey reacts when it comes into contact with a material such as metal. So, of course, it all depends on your use. A metal spoon in contact for a few seconds with this product of the hive is obviously not going to permanently spoil your honey and cancel out all its benefits - let's not overdramatize! But it's true that it's not advisable to leave your metal spoon in the honeypot, so as not to alter the properties of your precious sweet nectar. A wooden spoon is more suitable for catching honey, as wood respects honey's pH and doesn't degrade its virtues.

How do I use it?

If you're wondering how to use the traditional wooden honey spoon, the answer is very simple:

  1. Dip your honey spoon vertically into your liquid honey
  2. Take out the wooden spoon and turn it on itself, leaving it upright
  3. Bring your honey spoon up to your slice of toast or similar, and place it horizontally. The honey will begin to drip out slowly.
  4. Measure as required, then wash your spoon

What type of honey is it suitable for?

The wooden honey spoon is ideal for very liquid and runny honeys. It retains the famous nectar between its "folds", so you can enjoy your honey to the last drop! If you'd like to inaugurate your wooden honey spoon in style, at Miel impérial we've got plenty of liquid honeys just waiting to be tasted! Orange tree honey is a very sweet, fruity honey with soothing properties. It would be a shame to miss out on such a classic! You can also enjoy the subtle, delicate flavor of Euphorbia honey, or the world-famous Yemeni sidr maliki honey. Note: if you have a creamy honey like the magnificent white honey from Khirghizistan or a much harder crystallized honey, an elbow spoon will be more suitable!

How to clean and care for a wooden spoon?

This question would not arise with a conventional metal or other spoon. First of all, depending on the size of your honeypot, you can leave your wooden honey spoon inside without any problem! What's more, there's no need to wash your spoon between uses, as long as you don't put it directly into your mouth. To clean your wooden honey spoon, simply scrub with soapy water. You can then air-dry it or dry it with a clean cloth. This spoon is also dishwasher-safe! Please note, however, that dishwashers damage wood more quickly, so you'll need to change your spoon more often. Tip: to treat wood used in the kitchen, we recommend oiling it. Rub your honey spoon with pre-heated olive oil, then put it in the oven for 2-3 min at 175 degrees. You're done!

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