Organic Coconut Charcoal
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Organic Coconut Charcoal

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Often used as a natural toothpaste, organic activated coconut charcoal is a black powder that can be combined with mint essential oil to create a natural, refreshing toothpaste.

Known for thousands of years for its detoxifying and purifying properties, it's a natural and healthy product to have in your medicine cabinet.

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Organic activated coconut charcoal is a black powder used to whiten teeth, 100% natural, and often used as a natural toothpaste.

Although this product is in powder form, it can be used as a toothpaste, ideally mixed with one or two drops of mint essential oil, to create an explosive toothpaste!

It has been used since ancient times, notably for its detoxifying and purifying properties, but it is recommended to use it in moderation.

Despite its high abrasive power, this product is not harmful to health.

Benefits of organic activated coconut charcoal

Best known for its action on oral hygiene, here are some of its benefits:

  • It's gentle on teeth,
  • It naturally whitens teeth,
  • It soothes irritated and swollen gums,
  • It strengthens tooth enamel,
  • Prevents plaque build-up,
  • Freshens breath,
  • Cleanses the mouth,
  • Eliminates bacteria.

Properties of organic activated coconut charcoal

Made from coconut shell, bentonite clay and mint essential oil, it contains no chemical agents.

These ingredients have been carefully dosed to guarantee the product's benefits and multiply its benefits according to use.

Produced in Indonesia, it can be used for both food and cosmetics.

What are the uses for organic activated coconut charcoal?

As mentioned above, this product is commonly used as a substitute for conventional toothpaste, to whiten teeth, remove stains and generally treat dental hygiene.

However, it can also be used as a cosmetic product: you can use it as a mask, cleanser, soap or exfoliant to combat impurities and pollutants on the skin.

You can also use it in your home make-up, or as a 100% natural black colorant.

Directions for use

As toothpaste

You can use this product to brush or whiten your teeth:

  • First, moisten the bristles of your toothbrush,
  • Lightly dip the tip of your toothbrush into the powder,
  • Brush your teeth from top to bottom for a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes,
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Good to know: If you can't live without your miswak toothpaste, add coconut charcoal powder to optimize its effectiveness.

You can also combine coconut oil with this coconut charcoal powder for a tenfold boost in power, as this mixture replaces conventional brushing.

As a cosmetic

Activated coconut charcoal has highly beneficial properties for the epidermis, removing impurities accumulated on the face, bacteria from pollution and other elements from the external environment.

The result is softer, smoother skin!

Once a month, you can also make a detoxifying mask to purify your skin. Here's the recipe:

  • 1 teaspoon coconut charcoal,
  • Add a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel,
  • And finally, a teaspoon of rose hydrosol.

Here's how to apply the mask:

  • Take a small container to hold the mixture,
  • Pour in the ingredients and mix vigorously,
  • Using a brush, apply the mixture to your face, avoiding the eye area,
  • Leave on for around 10 minutes,
  • When the time is up, rinse thoroughly with water.

Good to know: To optimize the effectiveness of this mask, we recommend you first exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells.

For purists, a facial sauna after exfoliation is recommended before applying the mask, to dilate pores.

Precautions for use

Consisting essentially of natural products, this product is not harmful to health.

Used at least twice a day, as often as you brush your teeth, you'll be very satisfied with this product.

It can be used at any age, and is suitable for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women. However, for people with sensitive gums, there are no contraindications other than using an extra-soft toothbrush.

This product won't damage your tooth enamel, and will even strengthen it.

It should be pointed out that the time it takes for your teeth to regain their whiteness depends on the state of your teeth.

It would be unfair and misleading to suggest that every person's teeth are scarlet white. This is completely false, as some people's teeth are off-white, others beige, etc..

A quick look on the web, and a visit to your dentist, will tell you that, apart from veneers for a "diamond enamel" smile, very few people have naturally white teeth!

Finally, to keep this powder at its best, remember to close the jar tightly and not to pour any liquid into it.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from humidity and sunlight.

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