Ethiopian Nigella Oil Soap 100g
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Ethiopian Nigella Oil Soap 100g

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Black cumin soap is a highly reputed moisturizing and cleansing solution.

In a short space of time, it has become a classic among shower products, on a par with Aleppo soap, argan soap and other quality products for personal hygiene.

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Black cumin soap is a highly reputed moisturizing and cleansing solution. In just a short time, it has become a classic among shower products, on a par with Aleppo soap, argan soap and other quality body care products.

Ethiopian black cumin soap: a product derived from black cumin

You've heard of black cumin seeds and habba sawda oil. In the world of beauty, here's Ethiopian black cumin oil soap. A new quality cosmetic product for skin and personal hygiene. This unique soap is the best quality handcrafted soap available today. Indeed, in recent years, black oil has not been as well known. And the black cumin soaps on the market were low-end. Sold as a low-priced market product, they were, for the most part, low-end soaps with black cumin seeds on the surface.

All this under the guise of ugly, unattractive packaging and design. As a result, reactions were not forthcoming, and ordinary people simply lost interest in an inappropriate product whose qualities had already been compromised. Black seeds of poor quality, a product that dries out the epidermis and emits a pungent odor. So, after all that vulgar theatrics, we're pleased to present Ethiopian black cumin soap. The premium quality which, once used in the shower, is sure to make both happy and new adepts. Made according to the rules of the art, respecting the entire cold saponification process, authentic Ethiopian black cumin soap is a carbon copy of the cosmetics made in traditional soap factories.

Respecting the saponniferous tradition from A to Z

No need to invent new manufacturing processes. Traditional soapmaking codes of ethics have remained unchanged for 3,000 years. On the other hand, consumer habits have changed relatively little. However, the chemical era is drawing to a close, and old practices are coming back into fashion.

The Ethiopian black cumin soap sold in our online store is the result of a natural chemical reaction based on sodium hydroxide, which is at the origin of the formation of vegetable glycerine. This is the process behind "surgras soaps". In our specific case, it will be enriched with habachia black cumin oil. Thanks to the presence of 99.7% pure, cold-pressed oil, natural glycerine combined with the benefits of black cumin oil will be two impressive natural moisturizing agents.

Remarkable qualities for the skin

Ethiopian black cumin soap draws its fame from black cumin oil itself. Soaps that are merely decorated with Nigella Sativa seeds do not fulfill this function. After all, the seed is meant to be ingested. The moisturizing, softening and regenerating properties of authentic nigella soap merge with the purity of the elixir of youth. The liquid obtained by cold-pressing and added in the cold saponification process is the secret behind the skin's beneficial functions. Unlike industrial soaps cooked in ovens and enriched with synthetic aromas, Ethiopian black cumin soap gives you all the sensations of Nigella Sativa oil in the shower.

Its pungent, spicy scent is pure madness. It proves to the skin and the sense of smell that the product is noble and healthy for the skin. And this scent cannot be reconstituted by synthetic aromas. Thimoquinone and nigellone are molecules found only in black cumin seeds. Their scent is unique in the world. By using this sumptuous soap on a daily basis, you're taking care of your skin's health capital. Indeed, this natural cleansing cosmetic, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, is one of the best combinations for restoring dry or irritated skin. Chemical-free, it won't burn the skin. It helps multiply the cells at the heart of the skin. In this sense, it already performs a primary function by stabilizing and regulating the skin.

Black cumin soap facilitates skin tanning

Ethiopian black cumin soap is also highly concentrated in carotenoids. This substance is also found in carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes and pumpkins. This orange-colored pigment gives black seed oil its orange-brown hue. What you may sometimes notice when washing with this soap is the tendency for your skin to be a little more tanned. This is due to the presence of carotene. Exposing your skin to the sun makes it easier for it to tan, and it stays moisturized thanks to the presence of thymoquinone (the active ingredient in black cumin oil).

Ethiopian black cumin soap can be used every day. However, we recommend alternating it with another soap during the week (argan oil, shea butter or olive oil superfatted soap). This is to ensure that its virtues continue to work for as long as possible. In fact, a natural product used for too long over a very long period ends up no longer being suitable for the skin, which tires of it. And this experience can be verified with all organic cosmetics. So remember to adopt the same reflexes with vegetable oils for hair and face. All in all, this soap is an extraordinary solution for maintaining skin hydration while cleansing away impurities. You can use it as part of a facial scrub or mask. After the shower, it will continue to leave your skin with the coveted, pleasant scent of Nigella Sativa seed.

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