60 Maca powder capsules
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60 Maca powder capsules

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You've probably heard of Maca in recent years. The benefits of this energizing plant are becoming increasingly popular. Miel impérial offers you high-quality Maca powder capsules. Allowing you to benefit from the virtues of this superfood.

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You've probably heard of Maca in recent years. The benefits of this energizing plant are becoming increasingly popular. Miel impérial offers you high-quality Maca powder capsules. Allowing you to benefit from the virtues of this superfood.

Maca, a focus on an ancient medicinal plant

Maca, whose scientific name is Lepidium Meyenii, originates from Peru. This natural plant has been cultivated in the Peruvian mountains for thousands of years for its root. It is also known as " Peruvian ginseng" for its similarities to this aphrodisiac plant. Maca grows in extreme conditions, in places where vegetation is sometimes very poor. In particular, it is found in the Andes Cordillera. Where no other plant survives, at altitudes of over 3,500 metres. Along with spirulina, it was the main food of the Incas. It was reserved for Inca fighters, to fortify them in battle. Maca's energizing propertiesincreaseendurance and physical capacity. This was a real advantage in battle. It was also given to horses, to keep them fit andincrease their fertility. When the Spanish Conquistadors conquered the Inca Empire, they discovered Peruvian ginseng. Food resources were very scarce in this region. They quickly became convinced of Maca's benefits. It was then that this Peruvian plant, and its benefits, were shared with the world.

A multifunctional plant

Today, this tuber is still used for its benefits. Athletes use it for its energizing effect,boosting their physical capacity and endurance. Still others use its energizing power to boost their immunity and keep in shape on demanding days. But this food supplement has many other virtues. In traditional Peruvian medicine, it is used as an aphrodisiac. It combats erectile, fertility and libido problems. It is also used as an intellectual stimulant, acting on the nervous system and combating stress. It also regulates hormones, and relieves pain associated with menstruation and menopause. Today's scientific advances have highlighted other therapeutic benefits of this dietary supplement.

The benefits of this powerful dietary supplement

Its medicinal benefits

  • Combats general and chronic fatigue
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes good general health
  • Fights anemia
  • Combats asthenia
  • Fights tuberculosis
  • Prevents stomach cancer
  • Combats osteoporosis
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Fights constipation
  • Regenerates liver and pancreas
  • Strengthens bones, hair, teeth and muscles
  • Combats menstrual pain
  • Reduces menopausal symptoms
  • Increases milk production in women
  • Moisturizes and improves skin appearance

Vitality benefits

  • Increases vitality
  • Increases strength and power
  • Develops muscle mass
  • Improves resistance to cold
  • Increases endurance

Aphrodisiac benefits

  • Increases libido
  • Energetic sexual stimulant
  • Increases fertility
  • Regulates the endocrine glands
  • Fights erectile dysfunction (hence the nickname Peruvian Viagra)
  • Increases sperm production and quality
  • Combats sexual impotence

Neurological benefits

  • Effectively combats stress
  • Regulates and balances the nervous system
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Fights nervous fatigue
  • Fights depression and anxiety
  • Enhances concentration
  • Improves memory

The composition of Maca

This long list of benefits is due to Maca's exceptional composition. Its resistance to the extreme conditions of the Peruvian mountains is intimately linked to its high nutritional value. Maca, once reduced to powder, is composed of 10-15% protein. It also contains 16 minerals, including potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, manganese, selenium, copper, zinc and magnesium . Added to this are 7 vitamins: B1, B2, B12, C, D3, E and P, as well as 19 amino acids. The B vitamin group helps regulate the nervous system. And vitamin C boosts the immune system. Tannins are also present in its composition. Playing a role in the proper functioning of the digestive system. Saponins and alkaloids, which calm the body and reduce stress. Isothiocyanates and glucosinolates, giving Maca itsaphrodisiac properties. Maca is the most complete plant in terms of nutritional value and therapeutic benefits. Which makes it the ideal dietary supplement.

Indications and dosage of maca capsules

The Maca capsules we offer on our website are made from high-quality Maca powder. We can guarantee you an effective course of treatment. We recommend a dose of 350 mg to 750 mg per dose. Do not take more than 2-3 times a day (approx. 1g to 1.7g). Please refer to the label on the bottle to check the dosage indicated. Avoid taking Maca over a long period. We recommend a maximum 3-week course of treatment. If you wish to repeat the cure, be sure to leave a 1-week break between two cures. For an even more effective cure, you can supplement your Maca capsules with our Palm Pollen. Our capsules are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Side effects and contraindications To date, there are noside effects or contraindications to the Maca cure. This is also one of the reasons for its success. Despite this, Maca remains a powerful natural plant. We recommend that you do not exceed a total course of treatment of 3 months. Before using any of our products, we recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor. If you have any doubts or allergies, stop the treatment and consult your doctor. This siteisnot a medical site, and the information it contains does not constitute a prescription. Pleaseread the recommendations foruse on the label and do not exceed the stated daily doses.

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