Royal radiance day cream 30ml - Abellie
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Royal radiance day cream 30ml - Abellie

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While applying a moisturizing cream is a good start, you can improve your skincare routine by using Royal Radiance Day Cream . Let's find out how.

Royal radiance day cream: your shield for the day

The main purpose of a day cream is to protect the skin from the aggressions it encounters during the day. Between pollution, weather, dust and friction, facial skin can be put to the test. That's why day cream reinforces the skin's shield function, supporting the hydrolipidic film.

Since we all want to look our best during the day, this Abellie skin care product is here to help. It also has a lifting and anti-spot action.

What's more, it has a relatively fine texture to ensure your make-up stays put throughout the day.

What is Royal Radiance Day Cream made of?

This royal radiance day cream has more than one trick up its sleeve. It contains :

  • Butterfly lavender : deep wrinkles on the face are the result of 2 actions: muscular contractions and structural changes in the dermis, which form furrows that become increasingly pronounced and permanent. The use of butterfly lavender extract in our anti-wrinkle day cream contributes to an immediate lifting effect by blocking muscular contractions for 24 hours. The benefits of butterfly lavender enable the anti-wrinkle day cream to improve the skin's surface: skin is smoother and the depth of wrinkles diminished.
  • Bee venom : naturally contains melittin. Thanks to this active ingredient, this anti-spot day cream provides numerous benefits.
  • Blue immortelle: a little blue flower that never fades. It thrives in rocky, sun-drenched soils that don't retain water, as it doesn't need regular irrigation. This extract helps preserve the skin's solar capital by trapping free radicals. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties, this active ingredient protects the skin from photoaging.
  • Sea fern: also known as brown seaweed, this is reputed to reduce pigmentation spots for an even, luminous complexion. Used in this skin care product, it is said to have regenerative properties. In fact, it helps improve skin firmness and elasticity by maintaining collagen and elastin levels, and preserves the skin's moisture balance.

How to apply this product?

Apply Royal Radiance Day Cream every morning to clean, dry skin. You can cleanse your face beforehand with a lotion such as micellar water.

Then apply the cream, massaging it into your skin in small circles with your fingertips.

Finally, leave the cream to penetrate for a few minutes, before moving on to the make-up step. This will allow the cream to penetrate the skin, and the make-up to hold.

Don't hesitate to use our Royal Radiance Day Cream.

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