Senna leaves (Sana makki) 50g - Nigella source
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Senna leaves (Sana makki) 50g - Nigella source

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Features :

  • Ingredients: Senna leaves (Senna Alexandrina)
  • Origin : Egypt
  • Use: Food
  • Lot no.: SMY-250921
  • D.D.M. 09/2023
  • Weight : 50 grs
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Senna leaves are a natural treatment for constipation. And, more generally, against intestinal problems.

Used for centuries in Africa and Asia, they are now also popular in the West. You'll find them in powder or capsule form. At Miel Impérial, we offer them in their simplest form for maximum benefit.

Senna leaves: a natural treatment for constipation

Senna leaves are an effective remedy for good transit. They're a must-have in your medicine cabinet. Constipation is an ailment with many consequences. For example, your body will function more slowly, as it will not have been able to get rid of its impurities. But you'll also experience local aches and pains that can become incapacitating when the condition persists. It's worth noting that this ailment has always existed.

Also, the mother of believers Aïcha (may Allah be pleased with her) used it. And the Prophet ﷺ recommended this plant to us, as it cures a great many ailments. Today, stressful lifestyles, a lack of physical activity and a diet that is often too fatty are all causes of the increase in intestinal transit problems. This treatment will help you regain normal bowel function.

To cleanse the intestine and liver of impurities, we recommend taking honey every day. To do this, take a spoonful of Honey from Kyrgyzstan diluted in a glass of fresh water on an empty stomach.

Senna leaves: soothe hemorrhoid pain

Senna leaves help relieveconstipation. Specifically, they act on the intestinal movements that evacuate stools. But above all, they soften the stool, making it easier to expel. Being soft, they won't increase the pain caused by hemorrhoids. And they will help limit the spread of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids first appear as a result of constipation. In fact, you'll tend to strain too much to try and evacuate stools.

Helping to heal the hidden ailment

Being effective at cleansing the intestine, these leaves are used in the treatment of witchcraft. They are taken to cleanse your digestive tract of any poison you may have ingested. In this way, they act as an intestinal purge. We therefore advise you to take them in combination with our Roqya Pack.

How to use Senna leaves?

As their action is strong, you don't need to take many of them. A few leaves will do the job. We recommend infusing 500 mg in a large cup of boiling water. Leave to stand for a quarter of an hour and drink on an empty stomach. Repeat in the evening, after meals. Their action will take effect about 8 hours after ingestion.

Directions for use

Do not use this treatment for more than 10 days. This would be far too aggressive for the entire digestive system.

It is not recommended for young children. It is also not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

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