Green Clay Mask - 100g
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Green Clay Mask - 100g

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What better way to care for your skin than with a green clay mask from Nahl & Co. Renowned, widely tested, approved and recommended, the green clay mask undoubtedly has many benefits.

We'll tell you all about them below, and give you all the tips you need to get the most out of this top-quality product from Miel impérial . A 100% vegan and natural product from Nahl & Co, a reference in the field.

All the quality of Nahl & Co in this clay mask

From southern Morocco, Nahl & Co offers us top-of-the-range, 100%b natural products. As a specialist in this field, it's only natural that Miel Imperial should make them available to you as part of its ongoing selection of varied, high-quality products.

As you know, at Miel Impérial we're always on the lookout for the best. And this clay mask is fully in line with our values, a 100% natural product that you can use with your eyes closed. Let's take a look at the many benefits of the clay brand. We start with its ability to cleanse and purify.

The green clay mask to purify and cleanse your skin

Derived from mineral-rich volcanic rock, the green clay mask has clearly been used for thousands of years! Here, you'll appreciate that it's ready-to-use, so you can apply it straight away, without any prior preparation.

So you can immediately benefit from its purifying and disinfecting action. See your skin thoroughly cleansed and completely rid of everyday impurities. Green clay contains more minerals than white, red or yellow clay. This makes it more absorbent, so it's better able to retain toxins and impurities.

The green clay mask for your skin problems

Among its virtues, the Nahl & Co clay mask is also nourishing and particularly absorbent. So it's a great ally in the natural fight against skin problems. Such as acne or eczema. It's also a great help forskin with imperfections, such as blackheads and pimples. Last but not least, a green clay mask will eliminate your dull complexion.

A natural source of remineralization, green clay will give you a clear, fresh complexion that's smooth and radiant. And it's precisely for oily skin that the green clay mask is the perfect companion!

The undisputed ally for oily skin

It's a well-known fact that oily skin has an annoying tendency to shine. And that's where a clay mask comes to the rescue! First, clay helps to considerably reduce excess sebum. Secondly, it tightens dilated pores.

The absorbent properties of green clay are truly powerful. So don' t leave your mask on for too long to avoid dehydrating your skin. 5 minutes is enough, and longer would be to risk accentuating fine lines and wrinkles.

So you can get back to beautiful skin in as little time as possible. You can also use some of your green clay mask during the few minutes you need to remove your make-up.

To remove make-up

If you're looking for a natural make-up remover, clay is an excellent idea! In fact, among its many benefits, a green clay mask can totally replace your oils and milks, which tend to clog your pores.

All you need to do is massage the mask into your face and neck. Simply massage your face for a few moments. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water. That's all there is to it!

Your skin is completely cleansed, and you can feel it! Green clay is a true source of purification and soothing. In fact, it's also ideal for relieving sunburn.

The green clay sunburn mask

The green clay mask is another virtue we can't help but appreciate. Yes, it's a great help here too. The clay in the mask soothes even the most severe sunburns. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

To explain how you can benefit, it's very simple. Overnight, the clay mask will do its job. Apply it to the area to be treated. Put a clean cloth over it and leave it on for as long as you need to rest during a sleep cycle. You'll feel a sense of relief and satisfaction when you wake up ! The clay mask is an undisputed success in this field too! Finally, we proudly close this article by adding yet another valuable benefit to the clay mask. And you'll be delighted to share it with your hair.

The green clay mask is just as valuable for your hair

For reasons identical to those detailed above. A clay mask not only cleanses the face, it also purifies and rebalances. It will do the same for your scalp.

So it's an invaluable aid in combating the phenomenon of rapidly regrowing hair. A green clay mask for your hair will act on different levels. First, it combats dandruff. It also purifies the scalp. The clay mask will also regulate sebum secretion. The cause of a rapidly re-greasing scalp.

In conclusion, for its innumerable powerful virtues, the green clay mask will fit perfectly into your beauty routine, whether for your skin or your hair in particular. All naturally and with complete peace of mind.

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