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A direct competitor to Nutella in the Cherifian kingdom, Amlou is a delicious spread made from crushed almonds, edible argan oil and honey.

A product of the Moroccan terroir, it's ideal for breakfasts, brunches and gourmet snacks at any time of day, accompanied by tea. It's a delight and a delight to be discovered as a matter of urgency!

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In the Moroccan kingdom, a direct competitor to Nutella, Amlou is a tasty natural spread made from crushed almonds, honey andargan oil.

Amlou is for you if you're looking for a tasty, natural product that's free from hazardous substances. It's also for you if you want to fill up on energy to start a busy day.

A product of Moroccan terroir and local know-how in many fields, it is highly addictive.

Amlou is traditionally served at breakfast, as a tea break, on toast, on crêpes, or as a plain tasting treat. There's something for every taste and every palate!

Geographical and natural origins of Moroccan Amlou

Amlou is basically a Moroccan preparation, eaten mainly by Berbers.

To be more precise, it's the Chleuhs who are used to consuming it, the Chleuhs being a Berber ethnic group present in the Souss region.

A large proportion of our honeys and cosmetics come from this region, which is world-renowned for the quality of its culinary skills and craftsmanship.

Benefits of Moroccan Amlou

As well as being a refined and delicate dish, Amlou is rich in health-giving nutrients, including vitamins, fatty acids (Omega 9 and 6) and antioxidants.

Amlou's flavor is remarkable, but its scent and texture are not to be outdone.

In addition to its delicious taste, Amlou also has a number of other benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • It's rich in calories, helping your body to fill up with energy
  • It's antioxidant, helping to slow cell ageing
  • Helps combat muscle and joint pain
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

It is worth noting that it contains a significant amount of vitamin E.

Taste and appearance of Moroccan Amlou

The recipe is based on almonds and argan oil. The almonds are roasted, then a certain amount of argan oil is added to the preparation to enhance its taste.

It also has the effect of perfuming the preparation, giving it a scent reminiscent of Morocco.

Finally, honey is added to the final preparation before being carefully blended. The preparation is then poured into our airtight jars before being offered to you.

Good to know: Almonds can be replaced by peanuts. The taste will be only slightly affected.

Directions for use

For connoisseurs, Amlou can be eaten on Moroccan bread, called "msemen", which is more like a thick pancake. Our homemade spread can also be eaten on another bread: baghrir.

It's also a thicker type of pancake, usually fresher, and is also known as the "crepe mille trous" (thousand-hole pancake).

How to store Moroccan Amlou

If you wish to have a totally homogeneous composition, you can put the product in a bain-marie, but the heat of the preparation must be controlled, and not exceed 40 degrees.

Its texture is rather creamy and can become grainy after a while, which is why we recommend mixing it and placing it in a bain-marie to regain its original texture.

To ensure that the quality of this product is maintained, store it in a dry, light and moisture-free place at room temperature.

All our products are subject to a strict quality control process, and Amlou is no exception.

The raw materials used to make this product are of the highest quality, and we guarantee traceability from production to marketing.

We can therefore guarantee the quality of this artisanal product.

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