Musk Tahara
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Musk Tahara

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From time immemorial, tahara musk has been appreciated for its delicate fragrance, and for its discreet use, which enabled, and still enables, women to feel fresh in all circumstances.

Musk tahara leaves a fresh, soft and very pleasant fragrance, an exceptional and precious product.

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Tahara musk, otherwise known as white musk or Abyad musk, is mainly used by women in very specific cases.

According to several ahadiths, there are a number of sounnans (prophetic traditions) confirming that women were recommended to purify themselves after the ghusl (great ablutions).

Indeed, we can cite the hadith concerning the purification of women, explaining that when a woman asked the Prophet, peace and salvation be upon him, about ghusl, he replied:

"Take a perfumed cloth and purify yourself with it" (reported by Al Bukhari).

Although the hadith does not explicitly mention musk tahara, this product is highly appreciated by Middle Eastern women, and is often part of their daily routine, occupying a prominent place in their beauty kit.

The origins of its success

But why have so many women become true fans of this product? First and foremost, it's the scent of this perfume, because yes, it is a perfume.

The notes of Musc Tahara are rather soft and pleasant, but this musk will have a slight difference in scent depending on the person.

In fact, when a fragrance is used on the skin, the scent will not be the same for everyone, as the secretions produced alter the perception of each individual.

Its texture is surprising when you first discover it: it's quite thick for a musk, rather creamy and far from liquid.

Some people even compare it to Nivea cream in texture and white color.

Recommendations for use

On the web, you can read that musk tahara has many virtues, notably therapeutic and medicinal.

Certainly, apart from its delicate scent and sweet fragrance, Tahara musk is recommended for women after their ablutions, but beyond this purifying dimension, intimate musk is neither a medicine nor a remedy for any illness


The main purpose of using perfume is toremove bad odor, which is preferable for any woman purifying herself after menstruation.

It is detestable for her who can to forsake it; if she can't find any, let her use any other perfume, and if she can't find anything, water will suffice."

To use it, simply take a cloth, soak it in musk tahara, and apply to the area concerned.

Use by men

As mentioned above, it is mainly used by women, after menstruation, to perfume themselves after the great ablutions.

However, as some perfumes are mixed, they can be used by everyone, as musk tahara is basically mixed, if we can put it that way.

Men are allowed to use perfume when they leave the house, and can use this product as they wish. Gentle and discreet, it will accompany you everywhere.

Precautions for use

Never apply musk tahara internally, as it may cause lesions or other unpleasant ailments. It is intended for external use, and is not a harmless product.

In fact, several clinical tests have shown that it can irritate the skin if used incorrectly, so precautions must be taken. Our team is at your disposal for any further information you may require.

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