Honey in the Noble Qur'an

Honey in the Noble Qur'an

The benefits of honey in the Koran is a truth. Allah says in Surah the Bees at the heart of verses 68 and 69:

" [Et voilà] what your Lord taught the bees: 'Take up dwellings in the mountains, trees and trellises that men make. Then eat of every kind of fruit, and follow the paths of your Lord, made easy for you.

Out of their bellies comes a liquor, of various colors, in which there is healing for people. There is indeed proof here for thinking people. This legal proof is true and implies many beneficial things.

Quran honey and health benefits

You all know that honey is a fortifying ingredient. Rich in trace elements and minerals, it brings strength and energy to the heart. Honey and the Koran are therefore closely linked.

In fact, it is the Lord of the worlds who is at the root of everything created on Earth. It is He who teaches us the wisdom we can draw from His creation.

The verse about honey in the Muslim holy book is much more equivocal. It prompts us to meditate on the meaning of the verse and the exploits of the forager's work. Finally, it contains a truth that even beekeepers can glimpse.

The varied color of honey determined by the plants foraged

The Koranic text at the heart of these verses insists on the different colors that honey can have. Quranic honey is cited as a cure for people.

We understand directly by reasoning that there is a good to be derived from the foraged plant. Besides, don't we know the difference between different types of honey and their effect on the body?

For example, thyme is effective against respiratory illnesses, while lime develops its sedative qualities.